We are a dedicated guide to everything alternative and rock in the North of England, distributing worldwide and we’ve been at the top of our game since going online in September 2008.

Our magazine and website as platforms are original, influential, and always useful. The web and print magazine is essential reading for culture and music fans in the North of England alongside students, and artists looking for opportunity and variety. They look to the magazine and its advertising to showcase, and to recommend the best on offer and have an active interest in shopping, music, art, film, fashion, travel and new experiences. It is these shared interests and values, together with a common love for alternative and rock music culture that draws people to the magazine, and will bring your brand to their attention. Across each of our media platforms, we are creating an engaged reader community that will be highly receptive to your advertising as a welcome guide to their future purchases.

Why be seen in Soundsphere magazine? How can we help your sales?

In short, Soundsphere is the fastest growing online magazine dedicated to everything alternative and rock in the North of England and worldwide. We have now launched a print edition. Our first publication, featuring interviews with Placebo and Gary Numan sold-out and we had to get more copies printed…which was nice!

We are positioned as an insider’s guide. We endorse, recommend, and bring to the attention of over 4,000 engaged readers, the very best shops, events, galleries, music and experiences. The magazine’s ability to reach and influence this valuable audience is second to none.

We can apply the same creative design, photography, and art to your advert as you’ll find in our editorial, to help your message cut through to a receptive audience and prompt action. We see and treat the advertising in our pages as providing a complementary service to our readers – highlighting the very best products, services, and experiences that fit with their lifestyle – not just something that funds our publishing dreams. As such, we believe that your advertising should be integrated into the magazine as much as possible, making consumers more receptive to its presence, and making it work harder in the process.

The current readership for the print magazine is:

4,000 readers internationally – based on circulation of 1,000 and estimated pass-on readership of four readers per issue (applying the industry average) key areas sold (and stocked) to are Hull, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, London and Chicago (US). We are now available in over 150 outlets across these areas. Soundsphere magazine is also available at events and festivals in the UK including Download and Sonisphere.

The current readership on our website is:

3,000+ Unique Visitors Per Month

8,000+ Page Views Per Month

500+ Visitors Per Day

Our current Alexa Traffic Rank is 1,135,104

We produce: Interviews, reviews, new national and international artist/product/club/model spotlights, competitions, events, blogs and articles.

We target: 18-to-40-year-olds with a balanced editorial approach to interest all fans of rock, metal, indie, punk, electronic and goth music.

A Soundsphere magazine reader is:







Production: Soundsphere magazine’s website is designed to the highest quality alongside 36 pages of glossy magazine and top content.

We are looking forward to working with you and can tailor a package to suit your specific needs if required.




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