Top 7 Gambling Movies of the 21st Century

There’s clearly no shortage of movies that deal with casinos or gambling that have been made over the years. Whether you’re someone who takes regular trips to Las Vegas, your […]

There’s clearly no shortage of movies that deal with casinos or gambling that have been made over the years. Whether you’re someone who takes regular trips to Las Vegas, your local casino, or if you play bingo games at the local bingo hall or play online, these movies are a great way to connect to the fun and thrill of gaming for money.  Check out some of these recently-made gambling films to rev you up before your next casino trip or bingo and slots junket.

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Owning Mahowny

Based on a true story, this film follows Canadian bank manager Dan Mahowny, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is entrusted with a great deal of money at the bank. Unbeknownst to his bosses, Dan has a compulsive gambling habit. He skims larger and larger amounts of cash so that he can make weekly trips to Atlantic City. By the time things really start going downhill and when things start to go away for Dan in his relationship and in his career, he’s more than $10 million in debt.

The Cooler

Some people are just plain lucky when it comes to gambling and get on hot streaks with no effort. William H. Macy plays, Bernie, a “Cooler” who works for a casino. His job is to turn those winners into losers; and he is good at it because everyone thinks he’s unlucky. However, Bernie’s luck changes, however, when he falls in love. Now that Lady Luck is on his side, Bernie’s boss at the casino, played by Alec Baldwin, is upset that everyone around Bernie have all started winning big!


Ben Campbell is a student at MIT. Even though Ben is incredibly gifted in math, he is faced with huge tuition bill that he cannot pay. Professor Micky Rosa, played by Kevin Spacey, trains Ben and his classmates to become experts at counting cards at the Blackjack table. As a team the students go to Las Vegas to win money bingo. The stakes get higher and so does the danger. Ben and his friends have to face off against aggressive casino bosses and from their professor who happens to be using them for his own ends.

Two for the Money

Brandon, played by Matthew McConaughey, is a football star who suffers a career-ending injury in college. Brandon takes a job at handicapped football games and catches the eye of Walter Abrams (Al Pacino). Walter shows Brandon an even larger potential for winning through sports booking. Rather than doing his research on which teams show the most promise at winning, Brandon begins to play his hunches instead. Brandon can only maintain his high-rolling lifestyle and staying in good with Walter if he keeps on winning.

Mississippi Grind

Gerry is down on his luck and owes money to everyone in town that he knows.   Facing real hardship both to life and limb, Gerry meets Curtis, a younger poker player who becomes a kind of good luck charm for him. In the hopes of winning back all of the money that he owes, Curtis and Gerry go on a road trip to the casinos and riverboats of the South.  

Ocean’s 13

George Clooney returns to the role of Danny Ocean in the famous Ocean’s series. This time Danny brings back his crew of highly skilled masters of the heist to take down Willy Bank, a ruthless casino owner. The Ocean’s Team wants to prevent Bank from winning the prestigious Five Diamond Casino Award. Their second goal is to rig the slot machines so that they will pay out more than $500 million in winnings and turn the tables on Bank for good.

Casino Royale

Daniel Craig plays the role of James Bond, Agent 007 in one of the best and highest grossing gambling movies of all time. Bond has to play against La Chiffre (Madds Mikkelsen) who is a private banker to international terrorist organizations at the Casino Royale in Montenegro. Of course, Bond is the best player in the world and MI6 and the UK Government is ready to finance Bond at the tables for very high stakes. But if 007 loses, it would means that the British Government would be directly financing terrorism!


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