Interview: Royal Blood

By Dom Smith
By July 23, 2015 Features, Interviews

In our next band spotlight, we catch up with Mike Kerr of the almighty Royal Blood just before they play Tokyo, to talk about success and inspiration.

Royal Blood


S] Hi guys, thanks for your time – what’re you up to today?

M] “Today we’re in Tokyo, we have a day off before we play Fuji Rock Festival tomorrow – so we’ll probably explore a little. It’s rare that we get a day off!”


S] What’s keeping you passionate right now, outside of music – think films, or art for example?


M] “Right now I’m getting into old Western films, there’s one called Once Upon A Time In The West – I saw it come on in a bar and couldn’t stop watching, although it was mute.”


S] How do you look back on the success of your debut now, and what it’s meant for the band?


M] “With pride and amazement, I think! It’s been a mindblowing trip so far and we just want it to continue. I don’t think either of us thought it would do as well as it has.”


S] What are some of your big plans for the rest of the year?


M] “We’ve got shows with the Foo Fighters in the US and then big UK festival Reading/Leeds – another US tour in Sept/Oct and then we’ll bed down and start work on album number 2.”


S] Can you talk us through the inspirations and ideas behind ‘Little Monster’ – where did it all come from – where were you when you wrote it, for example, and what were you thinking?


M] “There wasn’t really any specific inspirations and ideas, we were just jamming around in the rehearsal space and I came up with the riff, Ben did the drums and there it was!”

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