Watch: Danny Denial – ‘Crises’

By November 23, 2018 Culture, News

‘Crises’ is the latest music video and first standalone single from Seattle-based Danny Denial’s second album, ‘Dead Like Me’, as well as loose follow-up to the visual album DETHHEADS U.S.A.

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The video, shot by Camille Alexander of London-based sonic band A VOID, was shot over the course of the band’s two-week U.K. tour in October with scenes set at The Unicorn Camden and The Birds Nest in Deptford.

‘Crises’ finds Danny’s DETHHEADS U.S.A. character two years after escaping the underground extremist death cult, playing shows through violent PTSD in London where his dark past catches up with him. Also featured are drummer Ty Kennedy of Virgo Sadness, who produced the album, and Aaron Hartmann and Marie Niemiec of A VOID.

“‘Crises’ was always my favorite track on the record. It’s a negative pop song about being trapped at a dead end, and being resigned to any way out of it. It felt fitting to follow-up the cliffhanger we setup at the end of the visual album with a parable about paranoia and PTSD.”

Following the conclusion of the U.K. tour, Danny Denial’s latest lineup is next planning a U.S. tour for spring 2019. Dead Like Me is now available on limited short-run 10″ vinyl exclusively on Bandcamp.