By May 29, 2019 Album, Reviews

Returning under the new moniker Frank Iero And The Future Violents, the singer-songwriter has propelled his solo career to new heights with the latest release of his third album titled Barriers.

Frank Iero has no doubt had a diverse career over his active years. A theatrical emo stage during his time with My Chemical Romance, a ferocious hardcore scene with Leathermouth, leading to his more modern work with punk and alternative rock as a solo artist. The amount of variation Frank has shown throughout his career is commendable as it highlights he isn’t afraid of switching things up, keeping his music fresh and exciting for fans new and old.

Barriers is a perfect example of Franks buoyant musical talent. The 14-track long record showcases the assorted style that he has excelled at over the years, weaving a melding array of heavy, punk and alternative rock. It is a wholly unique set of tracks, each utilising interesting sounds and different genres to provide a constant rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts.

The production level present shines heavily throughout the record as it shifts from tone to tone, an ebb and flow between hard and soft tracks. From the harmonious melodic synth sounds in the opening track ‘A New Day Is Coming’ and the creepy ominous piano tones in ‘Police Police’, to the punchy guitar riffs and energetic drum beats heard in songs like ‘Fever Dream’ and ‘Moto Pop’, the record truly does provide a unique accompaniment of multiple instruments that will keep listeners engaged until the end.

With the instrumentals in top gear the vocal capability of Frank can flourish, and Barriers features some of his best work to date. He plays to his strengths by strongly conveying the deep emotions behind each track with the tone of his voice, an aspect that he no doubt honed since post My Chemical Romance. ‘Young and Doomed’ is a perfect example of this ability to deliver emotion, as he shouts and wails throughout making it an eccentric listen, whilst the lyrics in ‘Great Party’ show a passionate display of sadness.  Just like the instrumentals frequent change of tone, Frank too is constantly changing his pitch or style of singing to match the vibe each track supplies.

Overall, Barriers is a thrilling and greatly satisfying rollercoaster of emotion that takes all the best aspects of emo, heavy, punk and alt rock and mixes them into one project. With music that can make you thrash around, and music that can make you cry, it sure is a worthy experience to listen to.

Words: Adam Whittaker-bush