Single Review: The Society – ‘Tears’

By February 8, 2017 February 23rd, 2017 Reviews

Fans of old school goth, as well as those of us who enjoy the contemporary dark electro vibes of the likes of Light Asylum and Kontravoid, will want to watch out for The Society this year. ‘Tears’ is the first single from their new album, with a title that is yet to be released. As a window into the sound of The Society, ‘Tears’ does a fantastic job at avoiding things that have been done to death, instead focusing on aspects of the post-punk sound which are being used by a new generation of musicians.

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The intro, with its foreboding synth and electronic hook, creates a sense of doom while still managing to be entirely bittersweet. Singer J Cridford’s melodic tones contrast brilliantly with the minimalist musical backdrop; his voice is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the monotonous drones of other current post-punk inspired acts. Younger than the other band members, his presence in The Society signifies the drive to move forward, to look to the future while drawing inspiration from the past. Inspiration in part comes from producer David Whitaker and drummer Paul Gilmartin, who were both affiliated with legendary 80s goth-rock band Danse Society. Elsewhere it draws from gloom pop; it’s almost like listening to the Smiths if their music matched up a bit more with their musical content. Cridford’s voice lends perfect emotional poignancy to the haunting chorus line “When I held your last breath, I failed you.”

News from the band says that we can expect to hear Danse Society tracks performed live on the upcoming tour, as well as all original material. I am very excited to see the new directions that the band will take. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all the latest.