Listen: Dead Naked Hippies – ‘Guillotine’

By July 5, 2018 Leeds, Listen, News

Check out this absolute mega banger from Dead Naked Hippies. This track is called ‘Guillotine’ and it slays.

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Of the track, Lucy Jowett comments:

Guillotine is an exploration of grief. It’s the fine line between wanting to retaliate to someone who has caused you hurt, or choosing to cut out the dead weight they have created in your life. It’s also acceptance that it’s ok to be angry, and to feel fragile. The track has a strong emotional undercurrent, but we’re still showing our teeth.

Dead Naked Hippies has always been about the connection & energy between the 3 of us and our audience, it’s become a lot more prevalent over time too. We went into the studio set on capturing some intimate moments & decided it was integral for us to only record what was vital in our three piece set up, adding minimal overdubs. It’s exciting for us, writing the lyrics was a release for me after personally facing a difficult past year & instrumentally it’s the most honest we’ve ever been.

A lot of my lyrics revolve around my own struggles with mental health & as a young woman facing modern society. We want Dead Naked Hippies to be a place where everyone can come together and open up and deal with what they’ve going on, it’s important to know that everyone goes through hard times in life and has good and bad days. I think society has a lot of people caught up in a pursuit of perfection that just doesn’t exist, & it’s so important that we stick together and keep it real.”