Artist Spotlight: Obez

By February 8, 2018 Artist, Spotlight

In our next artist spotlight, we chat to emerging Yorkshire grime act, Obez!

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What inspires your material? 

A number of things really, from my feeling in the moment that I’m writing, what I see happening around me and in the world and I also draw on my life experiences and try to do it from a positive perspective. I like to write about things that I actually think about in everyday life and that people can relate to.

To what extent do your surroundings in West Yorkshire inspire you?

My surroundings effect my mood. I live in Bradford which is an interesting place but it can be a challenging environment, a lot of times I’ve got home real mad, someone or something winds me up and I let it out on the pad, good therapy. There are references to my surroundings in my music.

I also lived in Leeds and have a lot people there so spend time there too. That’s where we shot the video. The single that I’m releasing next is titled ‘God’s County’, and is an anthem about Yorkshire.

What are your goals? 

Have a hit single this year. Also, release a mixtape in the summer. In the future, do at least one world tour and be known around the world for my music. I also want to develop the Grime genre.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as an artist right now? 

Being from Yorkshire and from the North. It’s not what the people in South are used to.

Releasing music when I want… It’s expensive. I’m sat on a lot of recorded material but the video shoots and promotion when you’re independent, can add up.

What motivates you outside of music – think specific people, or movies for example?

I like to read sometimes. Recently I read, ‘The Richest Man In Babylon’ which I found motivating. This book is serious, and I would recommend it to everyone!!

What is your message for the Yorkshire hip-hop community?

Believe that you can be as big as anyone out there and do it. Don’t hear them trolls and haters. There’s a big space for Yorkshire to be represented around the world, and no one’s doing it yet. It’s time!!