Band Spotlight: Angelspit

Angelspit was probably one of the first interviews we ever did back in 2008 when we built this thing, so it’s cool to catch up with Zoog in 2016 to […]

Angelspit was probably one of the first interviews we ever did back in 2008 when we built this thing, so it’s cool to catch up with Zoog in 2016 to talk about the band’s new album, Cult Of Fake. Killer.


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S] Hey Zoog, man. Been a while! How’s things today?

Really awesome thanks! I am currently in my bunker in Chicago re-arranging my studio. I’m using it as a break after finishing the album. I want to start doing electro mash live streams.

S] A lot of stuff’s changed over the last few years – what’s keeping you motivated?

Talking with Angelspit supporters after shows and online. We encourage each other and fuel the fire.

In many conversations we share concern for the future – Heath care, education, employment stability. Meanwhile the Internet is fast becoming a dull distraction which is keeping us numb, entertained and ‘content’.

S] How do you feel like you’ve changed since the Krankhaus days?

I have simplified the music so you can hear bigger sounds – earlier albums focused on smaller details. You can’t see the trees for the forrest…

I am spending much more time on the lyrics. Cult Of Fake took so long because I was focusing on the lyrics. Lyrics used to be an afterthought – now I start with them and they shape the spirit of the song….the music follows their contour. I have dug up all the old percussion sounds used on the early albums and used them everywhere on Cult Of Fake. I wanted this album to have the same skeleton, but an updated cyborg body…wow, I just said ‘cyborg’ – no-one uses that word anymore.

S] What’s been the major inspirations behind the new record – people, places, other music?

Definitely the people. Cult Of Fake was written and recorded in Chicago, which is a remarkable city. The gap between obscenely wealthy and hopelessly poor is only a few streets wide.

You have a 1 in 8 chance of being hit by a bullet. It’s musical heritage is amazing. Blues, techno, industrial, disco…it all has strong roots here. I think it’s because the winters are so brutal all you want to do is lock yourself away and do an album…which is exactly what I did!

It was great to work with Chicago’s finest artists – like Matt Slegal – video mashing, beat mixing, production…that guy does it all! New vocal input came from Lorelie, she’s got a really cool voice. Also worked with Gapsevic – a modular synth madman who bought a lot of chaos to the album.

S] ‘On The List (She’s Not)’ is fun – talk us through the ideas behind that one?

It’s a Nine Inch Nails cover. Great track – very rare, few people have heard it. I hope I did it justice.

Shea, my cat, moewed while I was recording the demo vocals…it sounded so cool I left it in there. Lorelei did a great job on the vocals – she has a smooth and sophisticated voice…she kinda sounds like a murderess – laid back, manipulative, super villainess….with a blonde cat!

S] What are your major plans for the rest of the year?

We’ve just signed to Negative Gain Productions – those guys are awesome! We are talking about doing a USA tour planned for September. I am also wanting to do more live streams of electro mash sessions and launch a Patrion – as creating a track per month seems like a great challenge! 2016 will destroy! Let’s do this! Rock!

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