Band Spotlight: Chambers

In our next band spotlight we chat to Chambers’ Aeris and Ellie about their music. S] Talk us through your mission statement as a band?  Ellie: I’m not sure that’s […]

In our next band spotlight we chat to Chambers’ Aeris and Ellie about their music.


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S] Talk us through your mission statement as a band? 

Ellie: I’m not sure that’s something we can explain really I think being in a band should be a very natural creative thing and having a mission statement sort of sets a structure to it. Generally, we like to enjoy what we’re doing and love what we create. We aim to produce music that challenges what we’re already influenced by.

S] What inspires you outside of music – think film, art or people? 

Ellie: I was introduced to Marina Abramovic by a friend last year. We both love how she lay’s it all on the line for her art. I’m also a big fan of Yayoi Kusama, Fiona Rae, Leonora Carrington and sometimes, I don’t mind Tracey Emin. I’m drawn to that type of human emotion, it’s very real to me. Generally, I tend to like art which is very dark and beautiful at the same time. I like to read too, I really like  H. P Lovecraft – weird dark stuff – and I like to read dark poetry. I’m not sure what it is about dark stuff that intrigues me so much, perhaps it’s the mystery and the unknown. Happy people inspire me generally. I have a lot of love for people who make the best out of bad situations.

S] What ideas and experiences inspired ‘They’re In The House’? 

Aeris: We watched the film It Follows and felt an urge to to write a song about it. It’s not just a case of films though, we get the same feeling to write through pretty much any experience that has an impact on us.

S] And ‘Disappear’ as well…? 

Aeris: Disappear is a perfect example of letting your subconscious write a song. I think Tomas Cummings (Leeds Music Scene) captured it beautifully. “Lyrically dark, they seem to be a reflection of the self, challenging notions of identity and can be viewed as tragic in some places, yet has a tortured soul breaking free of the bonds of oppression in other moments especially with the lyrics – ‘I’m still alive, but the tears weigh me down. All it takes, is the words that I’m crowned. Stare at the monster, please take me away. They know it’s hard, what a beautiful pain’.”

S] How did you get involved with Warren Records?

Ellie: Our involvement with Warren Records started when I first contacted Stew Baxter for an interview to promote The Warren. After a long natter I mentioned I was in a band, pinged him our new track and he loved it. It seems pretty apt to release it through Warren given what they stand for and the general aesthetic of Chambers. Stew has been lovely to work with.

S] How do you feel about the exposure you’ve had thus far? 

Aeris: Our debut single Disappear has been getting really great reviews. Radio stations and DJs are playing Disappear and saying some really nice things about our sound. Warren Records have been great in terms of social media. We’ve been really pleased to have been asked to play alongside some great bands such as Black Honey, Black Delta Movement, Sister Mantos, Shopping, Galaxians, HECK and Dinosaur Pile-Up. Most of what people know about us are from our live performances.

S] Talk to us about your goals with regards to raising awareness about transgender issues?

Aeris: What, I’m Transgender? Does dad know? We’re all on a journey of self discovery. It doesn’t matter if you’re transgender or a natural born female. People raise awareness everyday in their lives without even realising it. Just being you and not letting other peoples opinions interfere with what you want to do. That in itself seems to inspire people from any walk of life.

Ellie: I think if Aeris can inspire anyone to be comfortable with who they are, transgender or not, that’s a good thing. We never wanted it to be the main focus of what we do though as it’s not why we formed, but if what we do helps that’s always a fantastic thing to happen!

S] What are your biggest plans for the rest of the year?

Aeris: Get our album finished and work on organising our next tour.

Ellie: I would ideally like to own a really lazy grey cat I can do cat stretches with.. don’t think it’ll happen til 2018 though.


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