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Check out our interviews with Jackslacks. Nice to meet you, Chris. Tell us a little bit about Jackslacks. How did you guys come to be? Hey, thanks for having me! […]

Check out our interviews with Jackslacks.

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Nice to meet you, Chris. Tell us a little bit about Jackslacks. How did you guys come to be?

Hey, thanks for having me! I’m San Diego roots-rocker Jackslacks (Chris Giorgio). I adapted my stage name from the Sparkletones 1957 hit song “Black Slacks.” Honing my chops early on as a founding member of both Forbidden Pigs and Hot Rod Lincoln, I went solo with the smooth-sliding rockabilly album, “Rock & Roll Dinosaur” in 2002 (Produced by Stray Cats bassist Lee Rocker). We’ve been going hard ever since and are happy to announce the release of our ninth CD entitled, “Earthling Sessions.”

You’ve been on the road a lot lately. Where have you been and where’s next?

Yeah, I just returned to San Diego after a long engagement in South Florida. I hope to fire back up the band this summer for the outdoor summer festival season in Southern California.

If you had to pick five artists who had a big impact on the record, who would they be?

That’s a tough one… I have so many influences. The opening track, “The 92107” is sort of a neo rockabilly track in the same vain as Stray Cats or The Blasters. “Come Home With Me” and “Back In The Mix” lean closer to classic 1950’s rock ‘n roll a’la Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly. “Your Time Has Come” invokes an American Blues vibe, what some people are calling “Blues-a-billy” (My musical hero, the late great Carl Perkins often referred to rockabilly as “blues with a country beat”). There are also some swinging country songs like “Don’t Mind Me” and even some early 60’s British Invasion sounds on closing number “Never Go Back.” All in all there are 11 tracks on the new Jackslacks Earthling Sessions.

What was the best and worst show you’ve done so far?

I’ve had the honor and privilege to open for three of my all time favourite artists: Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry. Obviously, you wish every show could light up the band and crowd like those shows did.

What’s next for you guys?

As I mentioned, we are looking forward to the summer festival season here. That said, with the new Jackslacks album out this month much of my energy and effort will be spent in trying to get the music out there for people to hear and check out via radio and press.  Thanks again for helping me to do just that!


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