Band Spotlight: Manes

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Norwegian alternative metal act, Manes about inspirations ad plans for the future. S] Talk us through the band’s mission statement? TP: We […]

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Norwegian alternative metal act, Manes about inspirations ad plans for the future.

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S] Talk us through the band’s mission statement?

TP: We have nothing like that. We like to create music. Not equally much to recreate it, as in a live setting, but yeah. In the “core” of Manes we are four people, and we are quite different in many aspects. So, we bring our tattered luggage to the table, so to speak, and start pulling and tearing at the song ideas we have. That’s about it.

S] What are the biggest challenges you face as a band right now?

TP] I’ve stopped and tried to think this through right now, but I can’t really see many challenges for us as Manes. We are fortunate enough to be able to make stuff, record stuff and eventually release stuff in convenient formats, and that’s basically what we want with this band. Gigs are few and far between, and even then we have to really see it as worthwhile in one way or the other. We have gathered strength to play a few gigs in the not too distant future, but there’s been a few years since the last one. We’ll see. On a general level, I think there is way too much shit out there. Not saying we’re any better, but yeah. They say it’s all a matter of taste, but I disagree. But then again, it’s not a challenge for us as a band. Just an observation.

S] What stuff inspires you outside of music – specific people, places and movies for example?

TP] I’m inspired by the creative process in itself. Is that allowed to say? Not that I’m inspired by our own music, but I let myself get carried away as we jam or record or whatever. So that’s something. As a band, we don’t really wear our inspirations on our sleeves, as many seem to do, so our sources of inspiration might be lingering a little further back in our minds. All kinds of music can be an inspiration, of course, but also different approaches to music and production. Other than that, we all carry with us bits and pieces from here and there. Literature, photography, films –documentary films in particular, for me at least – and all kinds or art in different shapes and sizes. People too, of course, and just points of view. That can be inspiring. You asked for specific people? I find Dr. Hunter S. Thompson inspiring, for one.

S] What specific personal experiences inspired the writing of, ‘Endetidstegn’?

TP] I guess you refer to the song now, and not the music video? There has been more than one of us involved in making both the music and the lyrics for “Endetidstegn”, so it will mean different things for different people. For me, talking about my contribution to that track in particular, I guess it isn’t based on one personal experience per se, but a mix of different personal experiences AND observations. It can be about seeing no options and no way out but one. The title is in Norwegian and translates to “sign (or signs) of the end times”, and it could also deal with how you bury yourself in the belief – and strengthen the belief – of no options or different outcomes of a situation. The accompanying video is based off a sort of short story, or scenario if you will, that I came up with – that was interpreted in a way, and realized by the director Guilherme Henriques. 

S] What’s next for Manes?

TP] Like I mentioned, we will probably play a handful of gigs after the release of “Slow Motion Death Sequence”. Probably early next year, due to logistic issues. We also have some new material written, so we have plans for another release not too far into the future. There will be some remixes, and yeah … we’ll see. There’s more coming.

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