Band Spotlight: Psyclon Nine [2018]

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to enigmatic P9 frontman, Nero Bellum about the first new music from the project in a very long time, as well as inspirations […]

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to enigmatic P9 frontman, Nero Bellum about the first new music from the project in a very long time, as well as inspirations and future plans.

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S] How have you been?

Great. Busier than ever.

S] What made you want to bring P9 back into the public eye?

It’s less about desire and more about a feeling of necessity. I have a need to express myself through music. I’ve developed many musical outlets over the years. I have a solo album in the works that’s been entirely composed using modular synthesis in a live setting for example. That said, it just felt like the right time for a Psyclon Nine release. It felt like the right time to finish the story that I had started back in 2006 with the first concept album, ‘Crwn Thy Frnicatr’.

S] The album is the darkest and heaviest thing we’ve heard since your early days, what do you want this record to communicate to listeners?

While I would like my listeners to come to their own conclusions upon listening to the album, I can say that the album peers deeply into my own flaws with a focus on metamorphosis. As self conscience, sentient beings we all have the capacity for rebirth. ‘Icon Of The Adversary’ tells a story of death leading into birth.

S] What have you learned about yourself, as an artist and personally over the last couple of years, and through the making of this record?

I’ve learned that authenticity is what’s most important to me as an artist. I feel that I have a responsibility to exhibit my personal truths. When crafting the music I turned to my past and decided to eschew with the use of computer sequencing and employ a hardware based setup with the intention of creating something riddled with impurities and imperfections. I wanted to create a sonic landscape that would tell the story in its own right.

S] How has your attitude to touring changed over the years?

We are currently in New York City getting ready to perform the first show of the tour. Touring always comes with its challenges but, I enjoy performing for the fans. I’m not sure if that will ever change.

S] What’s the dynamic like between the band now?

We are all a little older and wiser and while touring can bring about stress and conflict, we’ve learned to take our our aggressions on stage. Check back in with me after the tour and I’ll give you a proper update.

S] How do you define success?

The minute you define and reach “success” you become complacent and happy with your achievements. I try not to focus on such abstractions.

S] What’s inspiring you outside of music?

I tend to isolate myself in an effort to block out outside inspiration however, there are a few artists that I will always love. Daniel Martin Diaz being at the top of my list.

S] What would you say to any emerging musicians who are inspired by your work, about how to get noticed, and make an impact as you have been able to do?

Persistence is key. Beyond conventional talent. Drive and desire can be enough to get you where you want to go.

S] Is this the final P9 record?

It very well could be. As of right now I have no plans to create another Psyclon Nine album.

S] Is there a plan to tour internationally, and perform in the UK?

We have rough plans and will announce dates as they become available.

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