Band Spotlight: Quasarborn

By May 18, 2018 Band, Spotlight

In our next Band Spotlight, we chat to metallers, Quasarborn about their music, and inspirations.

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S] What motivates the band outside of music? 

I would say that everything we do outside of the band motivates us to express ourselves musically, and vice-versa. We each have our own things, but I’d say that soul-searching and introspection play huge rolls in our lives at this moment. Djordje is studying psychology, and generally is very interested in people and personalities. Tihi is a designer, he is the visual type, he does all our artwork and layouts, and has all kinds of creative ideas all the time. Tomas loves spending time with his family and friends. Myself, I’m inspired by some books and movies, but am generally interestend in knowledge and debating. I run my studio, where I produced our album, and constatly strive to upgrade it on all levels. Oh, and we’re all into strength training and physical fitness, haha.

S] What challenges do you face as artists currently? 

The biggest challenge all young artists face, especially in these areas is money. However, the overall current state of the music industry is not doing us any good either. We’re publishing our debut album ourselves, there’s no label involved, so it has been a huge challenge for us to learn all the things that need to be done to do this successfully – and then do it. It’s hard to get your music out there and get noticed with so many good bands everywhere.

S] What has been a career highlight so far? 

For me personally, the production and release of our latest video for the song ‘The Odyssey to Room 101’ and the release of our debut album have been the most important things we’ve done. We’re a relatively young band (even though we’ve played in Space Eater since 2009 as a team), so we hadn’t had much chance to do much. I’m guessing our first tour (probably with our great friends Alitor) and headlining concert in Belgrade will also be huge highlights.

S] What are your goals for the future? 

Our goal as a band is to be able to stand side by side with major bands, in terms of production, songwriting, musicianship, touring, and possibly even make a living playing our music. We’re actually planning to record our second album very soon, and to organize some tours in the fall and winter. For me personally, it’s always about some kind of progress, I want to progress as a singer, guitar player, songwriter, producer, and I want the band to grow as much as possible. I will give it all I got to make it happen.

S] What themes and ideas inspired ‘The Odyssey to Room 101’? 

It was actually three books that generally inspired the entire album (which is a concept album and follows a story), and thus the title track as well: Orwell’s ‘1984’, Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ and Fromm’s ‘Escape from Freedom’. It was the motif that any person can be completely stripped of identity, dignity and humanity if the right tools are used that had the main influence on the story. At the time, I was listening to The Stone’s ‘Golet’ and ‘Nekroza’ and to Iron Maiden’s ‘Final Frontier’, and that rubbed off on the songwriting a bit. The track portrays the gruesome final chapter in the story, but enough from me, listen to the song, watch the video, read the lyrics and feel it yourself.