Band Spotlight: Run Into The Night

By March 15, 2019 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Ellie, and Christina from Run Into The Night about their music, and inspirations.

S] What do you guys define as success?

When we started performing as Run Into The Night, it was nothing more than two friends staying up late, listening to their favourite records and making music. We never thought two years later we would be touring the UK, having radio play and opening for some of our favourite bands! To us this is success and now we have had a taste of it, we want to push ourselves creatively to the next level with songwriting and live performances to see what we can achieve next. – Ellie May

S] What motivates you outside of music, think people, places, music and games? 

We are best friends so we tend to spend a lot of time together! When we are not making music we like to get inspired and drive around Scotland looking for abandoned buildings (yes I know this is a little weird) things like mansions, castles, hospitals, theme parks and tunnels. It has became a bit of a hobby for us as there as many listed buildings that have been lying empty for years and they are so beautiful!

I am personally inspired by everything from film, books, art, history and culture! When I write a song there are always references to these things and its never a straight forward process for me. I like to visualise an image and write a story to it, however I do have a bit of an obsessive personality when it comes to topics and tend to research as much as I can about a subject. I’m currently reading the history of the Phoenicians, abandoned theatres and the history of the Riot Grrrl Revolution. I am also obsessed with space, Nancy Sinatra and cowboy movie soundtracks at the moment. It is all a bit random however the mind is an interesting thing! – Christina Cassette

S] What are the greatest challenges you have as a band? 

One of the challenges that we have had on a few occasions is that despite all the amazing female musicians and artists that are out right now, sexism is still an issue. The first time we experienced this was on tour when a sound engineer assumed we didn’t know how to play our instruments and made various comments regarding this till after we sound checked then his attitude changed and he looked at us like we were aliens! Another occasion was after a show, we were told that management and booking agents will never be interested in us because we are ‘young girls’ and they would rather deal with men. The funny thing is, a few months later we got a booking agent, haha. It is important not to let things like this bother you, yeah it sucks but it just gives you more reason to prove em wrong! – Christina Cassette

S] What advice would you give to other emerging artists? 

Do it yourself, book your own shows, put out your own recordings, network with friends for photography and videography, collaborate with other musicians, DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK, and express yourself! There is no rule book to follow. When good opportunities arise then take them! Bear in mind though, at the early stages of a band, you have to put in the work yourself in order to make a noise. – Ellie May