Band Spotlight: The Crooked Kings

By March 1, 2019 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to The Crooked Kings about success, music and inspirations.

S] What motivates you as a band, outside of music?

TCK]  Our main motivation is alcohol outside of music! Responsibly of course! And we love a good south asian restaurant to accompany that.

Jokes aside we would say a big motivation for us is trying to stop Brexit at all costs, and see a ban on single use plastics! And most important motivation, enjoy our time here on this floating ball of rock.

S] What’s the biggest challenges you face as artists today?

TCK] Big challenges for us as a band our getting ourselves heard and getting the right exposure (thanks for this interview, may help a bit) amongst all the other artists out there trying to do the same thing.

With the establishment of streaming services it has become very easy to release your own material the ‘DIY’ approach, meaning there is so much material for potential labels etc to comb through.

Another challenge is the industry is changing so fast at the moment, it is difficult to know if you’re well laid plans will be steering you on the right path six months down the line. Keep your finger on the pulse!

S]  What advice would you give to other emerging artists starting out?

TCK]  Be a tight band and always turn up to rehearsal fresh, invigorated and up for it. If you are a genuinely good band people are gonna like it so find the good promoters/booking agents and go for it!

S] How do you define success as a band?

TCK] Getting one of our tracks on FIFA! Haha! Also, I suppose being on the main bill for festivals, and a successful tour of UK/Europe and plenty of streams, give us them streams!