Band Spotlight: Tio Rico

By July 14, 2017 Band, Spotlight

Our next band spotlight is on Manchester rock act, Tio Rico. Check it out below!

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S] How did the band form?

Scott] Ed and I started jamming after both our old bands stopped playing live due to other commitments. Initially we were both playing guitar and we had a friend (Nicola) singing, but we had to stop practicing when she became pregnant.

At this point, Ed decided to sing and I decided I’d go on bass, we already had the barebones of a couple of songs, so when we spoke to matt and got him on board it was all fairly easy

S] What inspires you outside of music?

Ed] The social economic climate, friendship, and the perils of online dating.

S] What does punk mean to you?

Matt] Punk has two tiers to me, not giving a fuck about what people think and accepting people for who they are.

Ed] Questioning conformity, it’s not about the sound or a “look”, but about an attitude that you apply to life.

Scott] Being true to yourself and not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks about you. It’s not about a look or a sound, it’s about an attitude that says fuck you I’m doing what I want.

S] What are the biggest challenges for you as a band?

Matt] Challenges are like anything, getting people to pay attention.

Ed] Getting the music heard, especially with the closure of so many great venues.

Scott] Finding the right crowd, most of our gigs are at punk rock shows and we wouldn’t class ourselves as a “punk band”. I don’t know what we are!

S] What other UK bands are you in love with?  

Scott] All the bands on Horn & Hoof Records are amazing, Incisions, The Crash Mats, Johnny West Is Missing, Hummer, Bear Trap and The Dead President, outside of the Horn & Hoof family there are some amazing bands doing the rounds, Milk Teeth are one, there was a band I just discovered called Bruja that have literally just split up, which sucks.

Vanilla Pod have been one of my favourite UK Punk bands for a long time and they recently played for us, it’s so good to see them still at it and making amazing music. Also bands that are doing something different like Kringer and The Battle Katz, you need to check them out!