Songdew Spotlight: Distill

In our next band spotlight, we talk to Distill. How did you start the band? I first met Neeraj back in 2003 when I saw an intriguing sign on a […]

In our next band spotlight, we talk to Distill.

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How did you start the band?

I first met Neeraj back in 2003 when I saw an intriguing sign on a guitar store window saying he was looking for musicians to join a band and make experimental new music. I played the guitar back then. I met him and we turned it up to 11 from Day 1. It was awesome fun! Sriram joined us a little later and we had a great time till he disappeared. Neeraj and I kept playing for a few more years, but he got hitched eventually. I hate to quote Bryan Adams but “Sriram quit, Neeraj got married. Should’ve known we’d never get far.” But we came back together in 2012 and decided we needed to pick up where we left off. I moved to bass later as it’s more my scene and my size ;). Plus, these guys didn’t let me sing. We got Varun on board for that, and we finally agreed on a name. And that’s how Distill was reborn.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

The first one was agreeing on a name! We went back and forth for months before actually settling down with Distill. After that, it’s just been differences of opinion really and disagreements from our varied perspectives. But then, it wouldn’t be fun if there wasn’t any, right? But yes, there is an overarching challenge we face all the time. It’s “the scene”. Delhi has yet to come of age when it comes to original music, especially of the grunge/alt metal flavour. It’s very niche as it is, and it’s a huge challenge to get gigs where we can really let loose and play, let alone be appreciated for it. We have really worked hard towards working on some covers to relate better with the crowd, without compromising our sound and energy. It seems to be working well so far.

What motivates you outside music, people and places?

I think our biggest motivation and inspiration comes from our friends and family. They have pushed us, believed in us and drive us to keep fighting to make our dreams come true.

What are your biggest plans for this year?

This year, we really want to finish our last couple of songs and get in the studio to record. We have worked hard on all these originals for four years now. We want to get it out there and show the world what we have created.

What’s been a career highlight?

Without a doubt, our performances – ALL of them. Each time we perform, it really encourages us to keep going and that there is hope after all. Each gig is a celebration of our music, our audience and our friendship. That’s what we are all about.

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