Watch: Teen Creeps – ‘Mercury’

Belgian punk trio Teen Creeps have released a second single from their upcoming album ‘Birthmarks’, which is due April 6th via PIAS. “Mercury” is a mid-tempo gem from their upcoming debut.

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Singer Bert says the new song “Mercury” is about falling back into the bad habit of procrastination. “You have big plans, but you’re not getting anything done. Because you’re just too scared to get things started. So you just leave it and go out. And hate yourself for it.”

The video is made up of old footage from guitarist Joram’s family. “My family has all these videos going back to the 60s and the 70s. I’ve had the idea of using them with a song for some time, but ‘Mercury’ is the first one where it fits”, he explains. “I made the video chopping up an evening long recording of my great-grandparent’s 40th wedding anniversary in 1975. It’s especially fun to watch my own grandparents drinking and dancing way back before I was even born.”

Listen to & watch “Mercury” here: