4 Ways to Unwind After a Hard Day at Work

By September 16, 2019 Blogs, Mental Health Awareness

After a hard and tiring day at work it’s natural to feel like all you want to do is curl up in a ball and watch TV. Unfortunately, while you’d think this would be relaxing, it can actually mean that you simply spend more time dwelling on problems of the day and thinking about what tomorrow will bring. Before you know it, you’ve spent all day and all evening either at or thinking about work. What’s the solution? You need to make a conscious effort to separate work from your home life, and that means finding a way to unwind and focus your mind on something else.

If you struggle to switch off after work, take a look at these four ways to unwind.

Stop checking your emails

The first thing to do is stop checking your work email and turn off all work related notifications. Your time at home should not be tainted by even the smallest work queries. We can easily fall into the trap of answering what we think are small questions just to get them sorted, but before you know it the lines between home and work are blurred. Switch off from work and switch on to what makes you happy.

Take a walk

Most of us need to find a way to be more active, but it seems more often than not it gets pushed down the list of priorities. However, in addition to being good for our physical health, being active is also beneficial for our mental health. For example, simply taking a walk outside after dinner will get you breathing fresh air and will help to release endorphins which are the hormones which promote a feeling of happiness and reduce stress. Just 20-30 minutes could be all you need to lift your spirits and shake off the day, and if you get yourself a Fitbit you can set yourself goals to motivate yourself further.

Play some games

There is evidence that playing games, even online games, can help us to relax, refocus our minds and even improve our cognitive abilities. Whether it’s games or strategical betting at Unibet, some repetitive brain training or a traditional board game with a friend or partner, turn your mind to a different kind of problem solving and you’ll soon forget all about issues at work.

Plan fun things to do during the week

The majority of people plan their fun for the weekends and give up weekday evenings as a lost cause, but there are no rules which say you can’t enjoy yourself Monday to Thursday. Why not plan to meet with a friend for a catch up over some cake, or join an evening class in something creative? You could even try to find a new hobby or craft which you enjoy, try a new exercise class at the gym or go and head off to hear some live music. There are also plenty of free online courses or apps which help you to learn a new language like Duolingo, so pick something which interests you (which isn’t related to your career) and broaden your mind.

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