Are Steinway and Sons Worth the Price?

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Are Steinway and Sons Worth the Price?

Nowadays, owning a piano is nearly every performer’s dream come true. When considering the purchase of a piano, some of the brands that may spring to mind include Steinway and sons pianos, among others. These pianos are considered to be very expensive, with prices ranging from $70000 to $150000 per piano. With such a high price tag, a typical question that one may have is whether or not these pianos are worth the money.

Steinway pianos, on the other hand, are the ultimate ambition for any classical pianist. These pianos are definitely worth the money they cost since they come with a slew of features and characteristics that will make your piano experience a memorable one. Furthermore, Steinway provides a number of models that are not only reasonably priced but also deliver excellent performance. This is one of the primary reasons why most people want to own a Steinway piano. The most costly model available here is around $200000.

The Steinway pianos are designed to endure a long time. As long as you take good care of your Steinway, especially if it was constructed within the past couple of years, it will most certainly survive you and therefore will not require extensive restoration work. Consequently, there is no meaningful difference between the lifetimes of a Steinway manufactured today and a Steinway made in 2017, for example.

Steinway and Sons pianos are constructed in such a manner that they will last for generations and preserve their value, making them a desirable investment. Paying the high price for a Steinway and Sons piano is well worth it.

Nonetheless, when it comes to how long they will retain their worth, you may want to examine other options in order to save money in the long run. As long as they are properly cared for and maintained, most respectable pianos will last a long time, apart from digital pianos, which will devalue with time due to technological advancements. Consequently, hardly any data or market analysis suggests that Steinways retain their worth better than some other reputable brand names in the music industry, as previously stated.

Types of Steinway Pianos

Steinway pianos are available in a variety of styles. The secondhand market has a large number of Steinway pianos purchasable, most of which are promoted as “refurbished. or reconditioned” Although there are two main kinds of refurbished Steinway pianos to choose from:


  • Factory reconditioned: This is a piano that Steinway has purchased back from its own previous owner and has had it restored using authentic Steinway components.


  • Third-party reconditioned: This refers to a piano that has already been purchased by a merchant, dealer, or a piano factory and has already been rebuilt by somebody else using either authentic or non-genuine Steinway components, depending on the situation. 

Which Steinway piano should I buy, a used or New?

It’s really rather simple to get price quotes for second hand Steinways. This is due to the fact that they are offered by 3rd party dealers and retailers. These pianos have a remarkable ability to maintain their worth over time. Many older Steinway pianos may be sold for much more than the amount spent for them if they have been well cared for. This is especially true if they have been well maintained. Furthermore, Steinway pianos are just so highly regarded by musicians that their worth actually increases with time.

Purchasing a new Steinway is likely to be a challenging endeavor. First and foremost, Steinway does not publicly disclose the cost of its new pianos. You must contact them directly. However, they have several new pianos.

Comparing the worth and Value of Steinway to other brands

The upkeep and care of a piano is something that everyone should do every now and then. It has an influence on all pianos because of the atmosphere in which they have been housed. As a result, all pianos are identical in this respect, and the worth of a piano is mostly determined by its condition. Although digital pianos may degrade over time due to technological advancements, many respected pianos age well if handled and maintained appropriately.

As a result, there really is no proof or market study to imply that Steinways retain their worth for a longer duration as compared to other well-known brands.

When acquiring a secondhand piano of any sort, it is crucial to remain aware of the condition of the instrument both inside and outside. Buying from a trustworthy dealer is the greatest way to avoid overpaying for an instrument or wind up with one that requires costly repair.

Should I go for Steinway quality or other brands in terms of quality?

Unlike any other instrument, each piano is different and it has its own disposition and peculiarities. No one can deny that Steinway has achieved widespread brand awareness as well as authority.

At the top of the market, the distinctions between a Steinway and the majority of many other brands are negligible. Furthermore, several talented pianists have difficulties distinguishing between pianos based on their sound or touch in a blind study. Annually, several other piano companies try new ideas and technologies, and they strive to improve their products.

However, contrary to popular belief, owning a Steinway does not ensure that you are buying the greatest piano available on the market today. There are a plethora of other firms that manufacture pianos of comparable quality, tone, and endurance.


When it comes to deciding whether or not it is worthwhile to purchase a Steinway and Sons piano at the price point at which they are available, we come to the conclusion that it is absolutely worthwhile. This is due to the fact that it provides a number of advantages, such as strong performance, great durability, and the ability to preserve their worth over time, increasing the possibility of their value growing over time. Despite the fact that no research has been conducted to prove that these pianos are more valuable than other brands in terms of retaining their worth.


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