Basic gear needed as an aspiring musician in 2022 

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By October 6, 2022 November 6th, 2022 Blogs

As an aspiring musician, you’ll need a few basic things to get started. In 2022, this includes a reliable computer or laptop, music software, and some essential recording equipment. While you don’t need the latest and greatest gear to start making music, it’s necessary to have something that will meet your needs and help you produce the best results. With so much available at our fingertips today, there’s no excuse to start your musical journey! 

As an aspiring musician, you will need a reliable computer or laptop, music software, and some basic recording equipment to get started. 

As an aspiring musician, you will need a reliable computer or laptop, music software, and some basic recording equipment to get started. In terms of music software, many options are available that cater to different budgets and musical styles. Logic Pro X is a popular choice for those looking to create electronic music, while GarageBand is a good option for those starting with recording live instruments. Basic recording equipment includes microphones and Audio Interfaces, which allow you to record high-quality audio onto your computer. 

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Last year, my keys were almost exclusively available through Arturia AnalogLabv. It has an extensive set of acoustic and electronic keyboards with beautifully sampled sounds. I strongly recommend this site to those seeking an easy-to-navigate keyboard shop for everything they need. Spitfire Albion is the only library I have available to listen to epic cinematic sounds. The guitars have an abundance of beautiful instruments, from horns to beautiful strings, making the music easy to use. Kontakt5 is a fantastic source for sample books. This vast collection of sounds covers virtually all instruments available to listen to. 

Instrument plugins 

Massive by Native Instruments is a synth that I use mainly to play Bass Leads and Pad and many synth sounds. It is easily customizable, sounds excellent, and has countless preset settings for your use. Spitfire LABS provides a perfect and inexpensive choice of acoustic equipment, such as a piano, guitarist, and drum. The samples are recorded in a fantastic studio, which plays them to some of the most talented musicians around the globe. Super Audio Car from Impact Soundworks has dual use of samples and instruments. There are samples from games such as the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo 4DS. 


Our second category covers digital audio workstations and DAW devices. It is a computer application that allows music recording, editing and mixing. A lot of software can do the same thing but have different interfaces. So you have a choice. Reaper is mainly based on its business process versatility and light CPU footprint. I have worked with Logic Pro Tools, Cubase, and Ableton Live, among other tools. You must pick your DAW first. 

Studio monitors 

Studio monitors are essential pieces of studio equipment you should always notice in your quest for more accurate mixing. Studio monitors have been designed for balanced sound (no EQ nor colours) and accurately reproducing music. Since studio monitors are the most expensive equipment in the studio you can purchase, it helps you pick the one that works for you the most. The best studio monitor varies based on your preference and the size you use in your recording studio. Most commonly used small monitors when space is limited. 

External hard drives 

When it comes to recording music, your files can be huge. Maybe you thought your PC was full. Perhaps you’ll believe naively that cloud storage will help. External storage is the friendliest resource to use when producing music. It would help if you also considered obtaining a fast external drive. I once saved every sample to a 2TB external storage device. My whole life, I waited hours for the following contact instrument. It made matters worse for me that my hard drive was omitted from my system. 

A music production computer (laptop or PC) 

Computers will be your centre of activity. You do everything – recording, composition, mixing – at your computer. The average desktop computer has around 16GB of internal memory and runs on Core i5 chips. How can one create a better music video using a Mac computer using Windows and Macintosh? Get a PC for recording music if: Get a computer for music production: Of course, you will need laptops and computers depending on your need. Typically, you can take longer to build a custom computer than a laptop.