Blog: 10 Awesome Gifts Guitar Players Will Actually Love

By February 26, 2016 August 27th, 2016 Blogs, News

Gifts for guitar players can be quite difficult to find. Since most people don’t pay much attention to the presents they offer – usually going for all sorts of useless trinkets that will be put away in a box – there is much need for a proper education in this area. Offering a guitarist an object with no relevance whatsoever represents a very unfortunate event, especially if they are someone dear to you.

Steve Nash guitar

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1. A Smartphone Holder for Guitars

Needless to say, this can really come in handy for a guitarist, since reading the sheet music or chords is much easier than trying to do that by constantly leaning over something. It can be simply clipped on the guitar, and you can start reading from it, or start using as a tuner. Another advantage is the fact that it can be used for many smartphone sizes.

2. Leather Guitar Straps

Leather straps can be a bit expensive, but they do pay off. Also, offering a leather strap as a gift is much simpler since you cannot go wrong if you pick a more neutral color.

3. A Guitar Cleaning Tool

A cleaning tool is a perfect gift especially for a person that is new to playing the guitar. The cleaning solutions, cleaning cloth and wipes that they might already have can’t compete with a sophisticated cleaning tool. It can be used for classical, acoustic or electric guitar, and its main advantage is the fact that it reaches the tiny crevices of the guitar.

4. A Slide Ring

This item is preferable to a traditional slide because it doesn’t cover the entire finger. This way, when you have to play a chord, you can easily use your fingers, and when you have to slide, you can use this ring. This particular gift is great for a blues guitarist.

5. Wall Hanger for the Guitar

Since guitarists are quite known for their weakness of showing off their guitars – whether they have a collection of them or only one – they will appreciate a gift that enables them to display the guitar in a way that it is both, safe and convenient. Virtually every taste can be met since there is a wide selection of guitar hangers out there. If the guitarist in your life doesn’t want to drill holes into their walls, you can always go for a sturdy guitar stand.

6. Guitar Picks That Are Personalized

This one is quite an inexpensive gift that usually causes a lot of amusement. Personalized picks can get to the heart of the singer if your choose to adorn them with the image of its favorite guitarist, or writing like “Pluck you!”.

7. Some Guitar-Themed Décor

A piece of artwork, décor or furniture with a guitar theme can really hit the spot. The examples are vast, ranging from dinner plates decorated with musical notes or famous guitarists, cutting boards, to mugs and stir stick that are in the shape of a guitar. You can also go for sheet sets, outlet covers in the shape of a guitar, pillows, keys or blankets.

8. A String Fuel Cleaner

Since quality is vital when it comes to playing the guitar, a proper cleaning can improve that aspect considerably. A fuel cleaner makes it a lot easier to slide up and down the strings, it keeps them clean, it preserves the integrity of the strings better and ultimately lubricates them. Also, it is a very easy process, since all you have to do is swipe it along the strings.

9. A Hand Exerciser

A guitarist must have strong fingers and hands, particularly if they wish to play for a longer time. This gift will enable the strength of forearms, wrists, fingers and hands.

10. A Portable Amplifier

If your guitarist friend is known for carrying its guitar everywhere and liking to sing spontaneously, then an amplifier that is portable – although it definitely cannot replace the main amp – it will surely come in handy.

Finding the right gift for a guitarist can seem like a challenge. But, you don’t have to make a huge effort or break the bank to find something they will love. Just settle for something useful, and your guitarist friend will be more than happy.

Words: Danica Levy