Blog: Can you earn with Bingo?

By January 13, 2017 December 29th, 2021 Bingo, Blogs

While for the majority of people who play bingo it is purely a hobby, a large number of people consider it an income source. It is a precarious position to judge whether bingo can be a legitimate source of income, purely because of the nature of the game. It is dependent almost entirely on luck and any attempt to manipulate it is fraught with chance. It is considered gambling because there is no real way to influence the chances of winning, as opposed to a skill game.


However, with studies conducted and Bingo, the documentary’s exploration of the players and their lives, it is evident that many people rely on it as a source of income. People on welfare cheques, people who live hand to mouth, college students on a night out, as well as high rollers with big bucks all indulge in this game, thus increasing the diversity of its playing pool.

It seems that most people get lucky after a few sessions. While they may not make a win that compensates the amount they spent, it evens it out. This is seen as a bonus, because they have enjoyed the camaraderie of the players, the experience, the thrill of the bet while breaking even in the end.

If one were to cautiously play bingo, taking appropriate steps to increase one’s luck- buying multiple cards per session, playing during less crowded hours, ensuring that numbers on all the cards bought do not repeat- then there is a higher possibility of winning. Bingo is considered a harmless hobby, not akin to the bad reputation that other forms of gambling have. This is primarily because bingo can be played with small amounts of money, even pennies and cents.

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You can go ahead and play depending on what your forte is—bingo or slot games.

The final consensus is that ultimately they are just games of luck. One cannot rely on bingo to earn a livelihood. Spending money for the pleasure of enjoying the game is alright, but to expect sustainable returns is a dubious prospect.