Blog: Illuminating York 2009

By October 24, 2009 September 14th, 2016 Blogs

Hi guys, we just wanted to let you know about a great event happening in the city of York over this coming week. Illuminating York is a great festival that embraces the creative arts. We were at the opening event and the buzz was truly fantastic. We got to see some very talented people work with some very cool forms of media, and you can too…


This year a bunch of organisations have come together to promote creativity in the city and within the community. Highlights include the Tagtool demonstrations that will be going on all of the upcoming week. In an event organised by GaiaNova and OMA International for example, local artists will be showcasing their skills by drawing (using the unique Tagtool software) on the side of monuments in and around York – you can see some sample pictures here and try for yourself! Also worth checking out is the five circles project which is organised by KMA and Pilot Theatre – we had loads of fun at this, running around and making shapes. Also, it was pretty amazing to see what Bright White are doing with sound and projection for their part in this year’s event – soulful electronic music is blended with stunning visual imagery based around nature and wildlife to create some awesome illusions within the King’s Manor courtyard. Check out more information on that here.

Illuminating York is running from October 23 until November 1, 2009. Times and further information can be found at the official website.


Check out an awesome video done by our friend Mike Leigh Cooper of KhaoZ Media demonstrating how to use the aforementioned Tagtool software:

And a video from the previous year’s event: