Blog: Top 10 Tips For New Bands Starting Out

By March 2, 2016 Blogs, News

Our intern, Paddy Beer offers some advice to new and emerging bands starting out…

Paddy Beer

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1.Decide on a Band Name

Having a good name is very important. It needs to be something memorable and that sounds good. Don’t choose a name just because you need one. Wait until you find one you are all sure about.


Find a good place you can practice regularly, e.g. a bed room, garage, or renting out a practice room. Practice often especially before shows and know what you are doing.

3.Be Original

Try to stand out from the crowd and make yourself memorable. You’re not going to get anywhere doing the same as every other band. Try and play your own songs but if you do covers, don’t do the same covers as other bands like Arctic Monkeys  . You have to do something interesting that will make people come see you and put you and help you gigs.

4.Don’t Get Ahead of Yourselves

Don’t do too much to fast e.g. don’t record an album before you’ve played live because then you won’t have a big enough following to make it worth your while. Start out with a few gigs and then you’ll start getting more and more offers. Then maybe do some recording and just keep working your way up. Do the right things at the right time in the right order.

5.Play Good Shows

Make your shows exciting and interesting so that people will go away wanting to see you again. Try and create a buzz around your name (use social media) so that when people hear you are playing  they will want to go. If you do this, after time, you will have created a fan base.

6.Start a Band Fund

If you get paid for playing one night, instead of splitting the money between you, start a band fund. This money can go towards things like practice rooms ,recording time and transport. And the more shows you play the more you get paid and the bigger your band fund gets. More money means better recordings and more shows.

7.Get some quality photographs

Having good photos of the band is very important as it gives a sense of foundation and professionalism to someone looking at your social media pages. whether it is a photo of the band playing or not DO NOT POSE. This makes you look like your trying too hard and is a cliché, .Just take a natural looking photo of everyone together and upload it.

8.Get your Music Heard

Any chance to be heard by new people is a good chance. It can open up opportunities and get you connections. Try getting played on the radio by sending in recorded tracks, this will expand the range of places where your music is heard and help you get gigs in different towns and cities. Start up a social media pages, and of course, gig as much as possible.

9.Focus On The Music

Although playing well live is important, having good catchy tunes is more important. There is no point playing great, wild shows if the music doesn’t hold up . Don’t get caught up thinking about being IN a band, think about BEING a band and writing good songs.

10.Have Fun

If you’re not having fun, what’s the point? Just have fun and the rest will follow. Don’t take yourselves too seriously and just enjoy yourself.