Blog: What Musicians Should Bring On Tour

By March 8, 2019 Blogs

One thing that often gets mentioned about musicians is the fact that they spend a lot of time on the road touring. While there’s plenty of positives that go with being a musician, touring and spending time on the infamous tour bus can perhaps be slightly negative. Therefore, it’s vital that a musician packs all the essentials to keep them both entertained and informed while on tour, and we’ve done our best to pick out a few of them below.


Arguably the most important piece of equipment for any touring musician. A smartphone is an all in one solution for most, allowing them to stay in touch with friends and family, while also keeping them across the latest goings on in the world via social media. Smartphones have also become arguably the number one entertainment device around. These powerful devices enable musicians to download a huge variety of apps. These guys can then keep abreast on the latest mFortune games via their mobile casino app, keep their fans updated on Instagram about the very latest happenings and even listen to other artists on Spotify; all with just a few presses on the screen.


You will never catch a musician travelling on tour without a good set of headphones beside them. A musician’s life revolves around music and most will spend a lot of time listening to music from other artists as well as their own work. Headphones also come into play with smartphones and other devices too, with them able to be synced up to a smartphone or plugged in when listening to music, watching videos and playing mobile games too.


With a lot of time on their hands during touring, several musicians find themselves getting stuck into a good book or two, music and non-music related. Many will often read books by famous musicians both past and present, and as books can be read in traditional and electronic form, or even listened to, they’re the ideal solution to cure boredom on the tour bus. It’s also become quite common for musicians to use their free time to write books of their own too, as they are artistic people after all.


Following on from the above, tours involving musicians of any level have often produced some wild, interesting, exciting and humorous stories over the years. With tours involving musicians being of great interest to the general public and music fans, there’s a thirst to know what happens on tour and this is where keeping a diary comes into play. Musicians use diaries to record experiences, times, places and events, which they can then call on when it comes to doing interviews or writing books of their own.

The above are just a few examples of what you can expect to find a musician has packed when going on tour for a substantial amount of time. With a lot of time to kill, and especially because musicians are generally artistic people, it’s essential they have things to keep them entertained, and inspired, while travelling from venue to venue. 

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