Casino Gambling: Thrill or Addiction

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By December 16, 2020 Blogs

Casino Gambling: Thrill or Addiction 

There are so many hobbies you can enjoy in your life – an endless array of them. You just need to experiment a little until you find the one (or ones; you don’t have to limit yourself) that you really want. Casino gambling or lottery UK is a great one, for example, as it is thrilling and easy, and it could bring you many riches that would change your life entirely.

Of course, some hobbies come with some dangers attached, and gambling is one of them. It might not be up there with skydiving or swimming with sharks, but it’s still potentially dangerous. It can lead to addiction, and when that happens everything around you can fall apart. So how can you tell whether you’re enjoying a thrilling hobby or you have an addiction? Here are some things to consider.

Hiding Your Playing

If you don’t want to talk about the fact that you enjoy online casinos and you feel guilty about the time you do spend there, you might have an addiction. Trying to hide the fact that you do anything, not just gambling, should be a pointer to you that it’s not entirely right; if you have a hobby you’re proud of, you should just be able to tell people about it, so hiding what you’re doing is a sign that something’s not quite right. Are you addicted? Is that why you’re hiding it? Maybe it’s time to think about that. 

Borrowing Money

If you are gambling in a casino as a hobby, you’ll have a strict budget in place and you’ll stick to it no matter what. Once the money runs out, your playing time is over. If you have an addiction, however, that money, no matter how much it might be, will never be enough. Instead, you’ll want to keep borrowing more and more (through loans, friends and family, selling items, using money allocated to other important things, and so on) in order to keep playing. That’s not a good sign. 

Minimising Your Hobby

So you might not hide your hobby as we mentioned above, but do you minimise it or downplay it at all? If you’re deliberately telling people you play less than you do, or that you lose less than you do, or spend less than you do, what are the reasons behind your lie? Are you addicted and don’t want to admit it?


There are many different forms of addiction, but they all have one thing in common; tolerance. No matter whether your addiction is gambling, alcohol, drugs, or anything else, after a little while, whatever you were doing before is no longer going to be enough to give you the ‘high’ you’re seeking. So you’ll have to increase it. In gambling, you’ll need to spend more to get the same feeling. Has that happened? 


Stopping something you are addicted to will lead to withdrawal. With alcohol and drugs this is a physical, and painful, problem, but with gambling it can still be a big issue. You’ll feel miserable when you’re not able to play, and you might even lash out in anger. You won’t want to enjoy other areas of life because you’ll only be thinking about the game you could be playing. If you’ve ever had to stop playing for a while – maybe your internet went down or you had to attend an event, or even because you had to go to work and couldn’t get online – and you felt terrible because of it, it’s time to seek help.

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