Cleansing Your Musical Palate in Yorkshire

By Editor
By November 12, 2022 Blogs

Music is an art form; the digital innovation of streaming services has made the media incredibly convenient to access for individuals around the world. In light of this movement, the number of people listening to music has skyrocketed in recent years. According to one study, the number of listeners subscribed to a music streaming service hit an astounding 523.9 million in 2021.

With streaming made so accessible, the real music lovers out there may find themselves in search of a musical venture transcending the digital consumption of music. For those with an interest in chasing musical pursuits beyond this point, here are a few suggestions on how to satiate your musical appetite in Yorkshire.

Pirate Studios

If listening to music isn’t cutting it for you anymore, why not try making it?

With heavily equipped music studios located around the globe, the Pirate Studio venue in Leeds is a perfect place for start-out artists to test out their ability and have some fun making music. Open 24/7 and located Kirkstall, the venue is open for bookings all year round. With surplus recording and mixing equipment, Pirate Studios has everything you will need to quench your thirst for musical creation.

Simply book online and pay per hour spent in the studio – it’s time to let your creativity flow freely.

First Direct Arena

Streaming services are great, but they don’t often come close to the feeling that comes with seeing your favorite artist perform live. With a capacity of over 13,500, the First Direct Arena in Leeds is the perfect venue to get up close and personal with some of the best artists around. With recent headliners such as Kendrick Lamar, The Kaiser Chiefs, and N-Dubz, the arena plays host to some of the best artists across the globe from a variety of music genres.

With a bustling standing space perfect for mosh pits and rows of seats extending upward as far as the eye can see, the arena makes for the perfect backdrop to any occasion. Whether you like to get involved in the dancing or prefer to sit back and appreciate the music, you’ll find your needs satisfied here.

A Degree

Now, this one isn’t quite as available ‘on a whim’, per se. However, if your interest in the industry extends beyond just consuming the media for fun, then an educational course exploring the ins and outs of the art might just be a perfect opportunity for you. While Leeds College Of Music and Yorkshire College Of Music And Drama offer a great college experience in the field, the university of Leeds offers an undergraduate certification in the subject at one of the UK’s most prestige RUSSELL group universities.

Sure, committing to an entire degree is a big ask (both financially and in terms of time), so this might not be for everyone, of course. However, the opportunity to learn your way around music from some of the country’s established professors is a unique opportunity that should be highly regarded by avid music fans.