Digital comic freebies during the 2020 lockdown

By Graeme Small
By May 20, 2020 Comics

Several publishing houses have offered some digital freebies to comic book fans, to aid in the nationwide lockdown of 2020. We live in ‘unprecedented times’, as we are seemingly reminded every hour, but that’s no reason to not read! Here we’ll list all the freebies various publishers are providing their fans so that you can keep busy during these trying times. Naturally, these are all digital copies.


2000AD have a variety of free single issues and samplers on their website, but they recently made Judge Dredd: Case Files #05 free. We don’t know if this deal with last forever, but if you ‘buy’ the 384 page collection now from their website, it’s yours to keep. The ebook in cbz and pdf formats and available here.


DC haven’t made any of their superhero comics, for which they are best known, available for free. They have, however, made several hundred pounds worth of Scooby Doo comics free to own. This offer is due to expire in September, so be quick! The same books can be found on Google Play books and Kindle, but we shall include Comixology links here.

Scooby-Doo [1997-2010] issues #33-84 are available here

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? [2010-] issues #40-103 and ‘Greatest Adventures TPB’ are available here

Scooby-Doo Team-Up [2013-] issues #1-99 and volumes #1-6 (containing issues #1-36), Doomed! (containing issues #37-42) and It’s Scooby Time! (containing issues #43-50) are available here

Dark Horse

Dark Horse have made some of their most popular books free, for a limited time. These include some collections with over 400 pages, such as B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs. We don’t know when this deal will expire, so be quick! Comixology links provided.

Collection volumes:

Adventures into the Unknown Archives Vol. 1 available here

Adventures into the Unknown Archives Vol. 2 available here

Atomic Legion available here

B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs Vol. 1 available here

Barb Wire Omnibus available here

Captain Midnight Archives Volume 1 available here

Crime Does Not Pay Archives Vol. 1 available here

Crime Does Not Pay Archives Vol. 2 available here

Crime Does Not Pay: Blackjacked and Pistol-Whipped available here

Crush available here

Cut available here

Dark Horse Heroes Omnibus Vol. 1 available here

Echoes available here

Empowered Vol. 1 available here

Ghost Omnibus Vol. 1 available here

Go Boy 7 Vol. 1 available here

Living with the Dead: A Zombie Bromance available here

The Mask Omnibus Vol. 1 available here

Project Black Sky: Secret Files available here

X Omnibus, one of the larger and typically more expensive collections offered for free by Dark Horse.

Scary Godmother available here

Semiautomagic Vol. 1 available here

Smoke/Ashes available here

SpyBoy Vol. 1: The Deadly Gourmet Affair available here

Two Past Midnight available here

Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai available here

X Omnibus Vol. 1 available here


Single issue volumes:

Cryptocraphy issues #1-6 available here

Beasts of Burden issues #1-4 available here

Ghost/Hellboy Special available here

Ghost: In the Smoke and Din #0-4 available here

Overwatch issues #1-16 available here


In addition to these many premium comics, Comixology, Kindle, Google Play Store, etc. all have a cast selection of free samplers, Free Comic Book Day issues, specials #1s for you to enjoy. Just have a look!


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