Concerts Are Back

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By July 13, 2021 January 16th, 2022 Blogs

It’s been a long year, and many of us have felt the loss of concerts and live music experiences. Going to see your favorite musician perform is a magical experience that none of us thought we would miss out on. Even if you didn’t have anything to do on a Saturday night, you could look for a concert to adventure to, and find yourself around a mixed bag of people you could connect with.

Though you may feel a little stress about going back to crowded spaces, which is completely understandable, gearing up for a great new season of music is something exciting to look forward to. Throughout quarantine you may have discovered new artists that you’re excited about, and now’s the time to finally see them rock out in person.

Who To Look Out For 

Talented photographers like Jr Gonzalez are prepared to get back in action and shoot the experiences they love. Even if you don’t feel prepared to venture back out into the festival world, photographers like Jr will bring the experience to your Instagram feed.

Concert photographers, videographers and behind-the-scenes experts are ready to get back on the road and shoot the artists we know and love. It’s been a long year, and though virtual concerts and events have been a way to get by, there’s nothing quite like a live music experience.

How To Prepare

If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, it may be time to start thinking about it. Though getting vaccinated is a personal choice, going into a concert knowing  that it doesn’t pose strong health risks can minimize stress for you and the people around you. It’s also important to make sure you look up the guidelines for whatever venue you’re planning on going to, as precautions vary from place to place.

In addition, it’s good to remember that people may be more rowdy than they have been in the past. If you’re someone who feels uncomfortable in large crowds or has a hard time with sensory experiences, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Ear plugs are a great option for those who struggle with loud noises, and booking tickets up in the stands can minimize overstimulation.

Get Excited 

It’s finally time. For those of you that have been craving the excitement that concerts have to offer, you’re in for a great summer. Live music experiences can be a great way to reconnect with loved ones, and do something inspiring and creative. There’s nothing quite like the ringing in your ears after a great show, or the conversations that you have afterward. Concerts are also a great date night idea. Just saying…

If you’ve felt cooped up for the past year (I know I have), a great way to have something to look forward to is to reach out to friends or family you think would enjoy the same music you do. It may be the perfect way to spend time together in a low stress environment. When the artist comes out with lights, music, and a roaring drum solo, all you and your loved ones can do is scream and listen.

After a long year of stress, hangups and astonishment, a live music experience may be exactly what you need. Keep checking in on your favorite artists, as they are just as excited to get back on the road as you are. As we return back to normal, all we can hope is to enjoy a glimmer of the fun that we used to.

The beauty of music is that it’s an international language. No matter where you are in the country, or even the world, you can appreciate the sounds and experiences that it has to offer.

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