Duncan Bell’s Gadget Of The Week: GenevaSound XL iPod Speaker

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The whole point of your iPod is that it’s compact, svelte, slimline and other words that mean “small”. The people at Geneva audio have taken this as a starting point for their iPod speaker. Then they’ve thrown that starting point in the bin and set the bin on fire. Then they’ve written “Make it fucking huge” on the back of an envelope, which they’ve subsequently handed to their manufacturing team. Approximately the size of a washing machine and weighing about 18 stones, the XL pummels out 500W of power, most of which seems to be channelled through the lower frequencies. Crank this up and it will literally make your room shake, your bowels loosen and your neighbours come round with a hammer. It’s finished in a choice of blood red or very very black and it’s pretty much the ultimate iPod accessory. Also it’s got a 3.5mm line-in if you favour other MP3 players. {ma id=B001EXF052&name=the GenevaSound XL Speaker}

GenevaSound iPod Speakers

The Facts:

1] This beast’s got a iPod Universal Dock so it’ll work with all your other dock-able pods…if you have more than one iPod that is. If not, don’t worry – one is more than enough for any self-respecting human being…apparently.

2] It’s got all the key connectors (check off your iPod video, nano, photo and mini) so you can rest easy-ish while enjoying the full-on aural impact of your essential sounds.

3] Our favourite feature is without doubt the built-in slot-loading CD drive (because it plays CD-ROM and MP3 disks) – get in!

4] Finally, it features an FM radio with digital tuner so you can get your radio-fix as well…pretty nifty.

5] You can control everything above via a remote control and it’s also worth mentioning that the speaker connects to other MP3 players, vinyl, TV or audio with an RCA plug.

Cost: Around £1,500

For more information check out the product’s website.

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