Duncan Bell’s Gadget Of The Week: Monitor Audio AirStream 10

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Sometimes, gadgets are interesting for reasons other than those intended by the manufacturers. Whoever designed the Airstream probably said, “Let’s bring a unique form factor (that means “shape”, for those of you who don’t speak design) to the staid and fusty world of DAB radios.” What they probably didn’t go on to say was “Hey, if you put two of these next to each other, you have the logo of Hitler’s Waffen SS!” Is it just me? Anyway, if you favour a kinkier and more right-wing look to your radio, this is a winner. Here’s the spec…

{ma id=B002GNVADK&name=Monitor Audio AirStream 10}


The Facts:

1] This bad-boy will allow you to experience over 15,000 Internet radio stations, various global music services and you can also access every music file on your home computer.

2] analogue capabilities of this smart gadget give you FM with RDS (so it’ll tell you what you’re listening to) and full digital DAB for all your radio needs; it also offers a way to plug in your MP3 player and hi-fi system.

3] The AirStream can connect with any Wi-Fi network. Once it’s turned on it’ll automatically pick up the available Wi-Fi networks allowing you to access thousands of internet radio stations and podcasts from anywhere around the world.

4] If you have a hard drive or storage device where you keep your music, AirStream 10 will also connect via Wi-Fi to that, it’ll even update itself; you don’t even need your computer on, as long as the router is on it’ll connect in through that. Awesome.

5] Despite its weird looks, the AirStream’s sleek wooden veneer and hard metal shell makes it totally commanding and with its vast single speaker (that carries heavy sound clearly and in a way that your puny iPod speaks can only dream of) it’ll definitely rock the house.

Cost: Around £219

For more information check out the product’s website.

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