‘Four or Five Moments…’ The Top 5 Comic Book Anti-Heroes

By June 27, 2019 June 28th, 2019 Blogs, Comics, News

Colossus once said that it only takes four or five moments to be a hero. These guys clearly took that small number to heart to heart as today we’re showcasing the top five ruthless comic book killers who occasionally do the odd bit of kitten rescuing…if they’re getting paid…or they feel like it.

Honourable mention: Darth Vader

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While not a bona-fide comic book character, Darth Vader has starred in a multitude of solo series, limited runs, and one-shots as a main protagonist over the years. Therefore it would be ‘treason then’ if we were to leave out one of cinema’s greatest tragic heroes. Vader maybe a clear villain in the movies, however in the comic corner of the star wars galaxy, things are not so black and white. From a certain point of view, Vader is a champion of justice for a galaxy overrun with terrorists and criminals, such as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, avenging the Death Star with every choke of a filthy rebels’ windpipe. Glory to the Empire!

Number 5: Red Hood

Every self respecting Batman fan knows the tale of Jason Todd. An annoying brat of a Robin introduced in the early 80’s to serve as a replacement for the much beloved, Dick Grayson. However when he was strapped to a bomb by the Joker, it was up to the fans to decide his fate…only for them to vote for him to be blown to pieces. That was until 2004 where he was resurrected as the badass, take no prisoners, Red Hood. Jason may seem lie another coward with a gun but with training from the Dark Knight, and an intense hatred raging inside him, Gotham’s criminals better pray they run into the caped crusader over this fella. Joker, watch your back!

Number 4: Harley Quinn

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Another by product of the Joker’s twisted machinations. Debuting in the 90s animated series as an original ‘henchwench’ for the clown prince of crime, popularity with the fans, (as well as the Arkham video games, demonstrating her immense sex appeal) eventually paved the way for her to become her own crazed character. Iffy Suicide Squad movie aside, Harley has proven a dozen times over that she doesn’t need her ‘puddin’ to have fun. She’ll kidnap you, save you life, steal your wallet, give you a kiss then knock your block off. Is she a villain? A Hero? Who cares, we’re having too much fun following her adventures!

Number 3: Venom

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Despite what the Marvel movies would have you believe, Venom is more than just a nightmarish version of Spider-Man. In fact, Eddie Brock, or whoever else finds themselves (un)fortunate enough to be bonded to the Venom symbiote, has headlined numerous books on and off since the 90’s. Sure, he may want to eat Spider-Man for lunch while snacking on Mary Jane for desert but that doesn’t mean Venom doesn’t have a moral sense of justice between meals of human flesh. Labelled as a ‘Lethal Protector’, Venom possesses a specific view of justice, namely; you mug that old lady across the street and you get eaten. Who says symbiotes are parasites?

Number 2: The Punisher

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At first glance, Frank Castle is just your typical comic book character with a gun and generic tragic backstory. He has no superpowers. His weaponry, while high-calibre and perfectly capable of giving scumbags a much needed hole in the head, aren’t nearly as interesting as say-a laser cannon or adamantium claws. Even his costume isn’t much, just a skull and a trench coat – visit a punk band performance early, and you’ll see plenty of Punisher cosplayers…and that’s what’s so great about the Punisher. He’s just a man with a mission and a gun, yet still the underworld is terrified of him. A chilling example that not only can anyone be a hero, they can also be a vigilante of brutal retribution…Let’s just hope his philosophy stays in the realms of fiction for a little while longer.

Number 1: Deadpool

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Okay, calm down Deadpool, just doing my job! It’s hard to believe that a few short years ago, nobody had heard of this edgy poor man’s Spider-Man, (those who had could only think of the ‘thing’ that appeared in that awful Wolverine prequel) then one highly popular movie later, and suddenly everyone is wearing Deadpool t-Shirts and shouting ‘Chimichangas’ everywhere like holy scripture. Yes, the Merc with a Mouth is an ‘A-hole’ with a violent streak longer than the list of prescribed drugs his writers no doubt have to take after penning every issue. Yet, we can’t help but laugh and smile at Wade’s disgusting avocado of a face when there’s a dozen half decapitated sumo wrestlers in the room and DP is trying to remove a katana from up his jacksie. Here’s waiting for Deadpool 3…