Frauds’ Best Tracks Of 2018 list

By Dom Smith
By December 19, 2018 Blogs, News, Top Tracks

Beak> – Brean Down

Oh mama! This is so spooky and dead sexy. When I listen to it I feel like I’m going on a mission in an unmade espionage movie. Where instead of the protagonist getting the code right on some kind of explosive device I’m wondering whether I’m going to make my train connection at Clapham Junction. 

Idles – Never Fight A Man With A Perm

This is my favourite track title of the year off of a ridiculously great album. I love Joe spitting bars in the 2nd verse, this line in particular always gets me: “He thinks he’s suave

You’re not suave ’cause you watched Get Carter
You are a catalogue, plastic Sinatra
A tryhard, you should’ve tried harder” that’s some great stuff. A bit like the previous Beak> track it makes me think “yeah I made the 10.22 to Shepperton and with minutes to spare & what you gonna do about!??” (which has nothing to do with the lyrics or meaning of the song) 

Father John Misty – Mr Tillman

A neurotic, drug induced hotel stay in song. I love it. 

Daughters – Long Road, No Turns 

Oh jeez what a freaky, bleak and banging track this is. This is probably been my most listened to album of the year & this track is my fave. 

Pusha T – If You Know You Know

This song is lush, it’s beautiful, it’s got a killer hook and its got such a positive feeling. If I were an athlete or wrestler this would definitely be my walk out music to pump the audience up. 

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