Getting The Best TV & Music Experience With A Soundbar

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By August 25, 2020 Blogs, Tech

If you have a soundbar connected to your TV and music streaming devices, you can easily sit back and relax without having to constantly adjust the volume of your TV set. Soundbars are the perfect solution for your media entertainment.

If you want to get the most out of your soundbar experience, we suggest you follow these steps.

Install Your Soundbar Properly

One of the benefits of having a soundbar is that you can easily set it up yourself. It doesn’t involve any complicated process because all you need to do is connect it to a power source. However, if you wish to mount your soundbar on the wall along with your TV,  you will need to get a separate bracket for it. You can also place your soundbar on a flat surface like a TV stand. When placing it in your living space, ensure it is within a foot of the height of your ears in your sitting position.

If you notice your soundbar isn’t giving you the quality of sound you expect, you should check that you have it properly connected.

Test Modes

Soundbars have different modes that you can test depending on what you are watching. Some modes work well with movies while some will enhance speech. If you are watching a regular TV show, you may want to switch settings while giving your sound a different mode for your movies. Some soundbars also come with a mode to process surround sound on your DVD movies.

Place Your Subwoofer In The best Position  

If you own a soundbar that comes with a subwoofer to improve your sound, check if it has a wireless connection or will need a cable connection. If it uses a wireless connection, you can easily keep it anywhere within your space but it should not exceed 10 meters away from the soundbar.  You also don’t need it too close to your wall because of the bombastic bass effect. It is better to keep it inside your TV cabinet.

Use sound Bar For Your Music 

You are not restricted to using your soundbar only for movies, you can also pair your soundbar to your mobile devices to listen to music on your app. If you have a soundbar with a WiFi connection, you can also stream music online. Your soundbar can serve you even better if it has a voice recognition software that allows you to connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant where you can find great music. The WiFi connectivity also allows you to blast your music with other speakers by pairing them to your soundbar. This can only work if you have compatible speakers.

Soundbars are the best audio options for your movies and music. People who own a large screen Smart TV’s and are fond of blasting music thru their smartphones or voice assistant agree that Vizio has great soundbar options. You can read this review of the Vizio V21-H8 soundbar to see one of their popular soundbars, but the options are vast, not only with Vizio but other brands as well. Having a soundbar system for your TV, will give you an overall audio experience whether you want to watch your favorite movies or listen to your music.

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