How ITIL FOUNDATION V4 Shapes Your IT Service Management Career?

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Shaping millions of professionalsyear by year, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or popularly known as ITIL, is simply something to look up to when it comes to service management validation.

This world-renowned accreditor supports individuals on their quest to advance their skills in IT services and digital solutions. And with their aim to help both professionals and businesses, there’s nothing more beneficial than to give their famous ITIL FOUNDATION certification a try. But before we dig deep to its certification track, let’s first have a sweeping understanding of ITIL and its famous certification program. IT Service Managers.

A closer look to ITIL

As a globally accepted methodology of IT service management, ITIL has been part of many individuals and organizations’ journey to success. They are considered as the epitome in such field, offering best practices for both parties. And every year, more and more organizations are embracing ITIL into their businesses, hence the need for ITIL certified professionals.

The evolution from ITIL V3 to V4

With the around-the-clock changes in the industry, this also means continuous updates within ITIL. From ITIL V3 now comes a more upgraded version to keep up with the modern technological era. With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, further technologies are being introduced with the likes of artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and more. So to keep a steady relationship with the newest updates, ITIL 4 is created to provide the needed flexibility and stability by the organizations. Simply said, ITIL 4 bridges the gap between human involvement and digital transformation.

Since ITIL V3 is still accessible with courses available up to June 2020, you have the option to take advantage of it. This will help you prepare for the ITIL V4, which is much more complex because of the upgraded framework.

Into the ITIL certification track

Now that you have gained a more profound grasp of ITIL and the changes surrounding it, you can now move to a more challenging aspect―its certification.

Compared to ITIL V3 with five certification levels (Foundation, Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert, and Master), ITIL V4 only have four. These are Foundation, ITIL 4 Managing Professional, ITIL 4 Strategic Leader, and Master. Even with the changes, the Foundation level remains to be a vital path to take.

And just this year, AXELOS, the prominent joint venture behind significant qualifications in best practices, released the much-anticipated ITIL 4 Foundation. Also called as ITIL FOUNDATION V4, this certification becomes the gateway to ITIL 4, opening an innovative IT service management.

The ITIL V4 Foundation Certification

As an introduction to IT service management, this certification is of utmost importance to those who are yet to create their career in this field. This foundational credential is a way to understand service management via an end-to-end approach. It allows further understanding to key areas such as construction, implementation, and incessant improvement of products and services.

Accordingly, ITIL FOUNDATION V4 is the best starting certification for people who don’t just want to gain valuable knowledge of the ITIL framework but also learn its related features. So, if you want to secure this top-of-the-line credential, continue reading and gain insights as much as you can.

ITIL Foundation exam: The format and prep materials needed

The exam is composed of 40 multiple choice questions to be answered within 60 minutes. To pass this closed book exam, you need to have at least 26 correct marks or a 65% rate.

With such significance to support businesses and professionals, you shouldn’t take this exam lightly. It’s not enough to just read and understand the basics. You definitely need to self-study so that you’ll be completely ready before taking the exam. Or, if you want a more systematized training, there are options provided by AXELOS to aid exam takers with their preparation. Another option that is worth mentioning is the exam prep materials delivered by This remarkable website offers up-to-date prep materials for different ITIL certification exams. So, if you’re looking for a reliable way to prepare for the upcoming ITIL FOUNDATION V4 exam, then this one is a great choice as they offer practice tests with latest questions and answers, study guides, and training courses.

Right after utilizing, you can now take the recommended ITIL Foundation training to keep you at par with the standard of ITIL service management. The training course takes two days and a half. And one thing to note is that the third day of the training will also be the scheduled day for the exam.

Upon completion of ITIL FOUNDATION V4 exam

There’s so much to explore once you complete your ITIL foundation exam! But before that, you’ll enjoy some perks that will be very beneficial to your career. And this includes My ITIL, which is an online subscription that helps you transition your knowledge into skills through a series of valuable resources. These include ITIL publications, tools, templates, and white papers―all of which are intended to aid successful exam takers into their professional growth. Plus, this is a great avenue for ITIL certified to learn more about future IT service management innovations.

And of course, what awaits your successful exam journey is the professional endorsement by ITIL via a digital badge. This certification signifies your command in ITIL and IT service management.

But wait, there’s more! Upon earning your ITIL FOUNDATION V4 certificate, it opens up a whole new level of ITIL credentials. Now, you have unlocked ITIL Intermediate and even some ITIL Practitioner certifications.


Don’t get left behind and start planning your IT service management career with ITIL FOUNDATION V4. Surely, you won’t be disappointed with this amazing foundational certification that is designed to help those with interest in the field of service management.

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