Joker Trailer: This does put a smile on my face!

By Andrew Gooch
By May 31, 2019 Blogs, Comics, News, Reviews, Videos

It’s been a tough few years for DC films, as the folks over at Warner Bros work hard to craft and sustain a shared cinematic universe for some of comic’s most iconic and beloved characters, fans clamour for something….anything to match the quality of the universally acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy. For nearly eight years comic book movie goers have rushed to the cinema time and again in anticipation, hoping to see a DC flick that would rival Nolan’s masterpieces.

Now after seven blockbusters, of varying quality, contained within the same single on screen world. It seems that DC is now willing to take a brief break from interconnectedness and head back into the grounded standalone stories that heralded the comic book movie craze as far back as 1989’s Batman, with the simply titled; Joker.

On first viewing of this trailer, I admit to feeling quite underwhelmed. After becoming accustomed to my super heroes battling hordes of CG aliens amidst giant sky beams, two minutes of an ordinary man wearing clown makeup doesn’t seem as exciting at first glance.

However, a second viewing and a brief bit of soul searching, quickly showed me that DC’s most relatable character may in fact be in its evilest villain.

We’ve all read the Killing Joke, it’s heralded as one of the greatest comics of all time, batman or otherwise. And like any half decent batman related adaption, Joker takes it far share of inspiration from the 32 page epic.

Much like the Joker of the page, our protagonist anti-villain here is shown as something of a loser. A failed comedian, eking out a miserable existence as the world deals him blow after blow. While a dip into a hazardous chemical bath would seem rather out of place for this interpretation of the character, the comic accuracy purist within me doesn’t mind, the world this trailer establishes is interesting enough without the need for batmobiles or Harley Quinn easter eggs.

We don’t need to see any skyscrapers with gargoyles on to know that this version of Gotham City is a horrible and decrepit place to live. As we’re shown repeatedly throughout, this is a place where any attempts at joy or fun are quickly beaten and stolen away from you. Not a million miles away from the world we live in and that’s what makes it all so interesting.

For once we’re not seeing Gotham from the idealistic Bruce Wayne owned ivory tower of Batman, but from the point of view of the average everyman that is “Arthur Fleck” (I still say they should have kept the corny Jack Napier) in this movie.

Justice is a foreign concept in this Gotham and I for one will be smiling along with Arthur when he dons the makeup and shows us all a new side of comic book movies when Joker releases in October.

Interested in checking out Joker? Watch the trailer below!

I used to think this trailer was a bit rubbish…now I realise it’s a masterpiece!

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