Lifestyle Guide: Best cat breeds for homes

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So maybe a dog really isn’t your style yet you want a nice pet at home. There are so many cats out there with different appearances and characteristics. Some are stubborn, some are obedient, some are cute and some are just ordinary looking. So how do you know which one will suit you best? Well, in this article, we will be showing you cat descriptions to make your pick a lot easier.

Best Cat Breeds for Kids


Just like the name suggests this cat acts like a ragdoll because of its habit of falling into people’s arms. It has beautiful blue eyes and a soft fur which needs to be cared for properly. Despite its size, (which has to do with the fur) it is smart and very playful and follows its owners about making it very good for energetic children. Visit holistapet for more information on cats.


This smart, active, and loyal cat is great for older kids. It may have a habit of staying away from babies and younger children. Even though this cat enjoys company, they don’t really stay outside or on people’s laps.

American Shorthair

The American shorthair is a very popular pick for kids. They are sweet and need little maintenance. They get along with people or pets and they also live long lives. These cats are energetic and very good at capturing rodents.


This cat is enchanting with its sweet face and blue eyes. It is easygoing, loving, and gentle, which makes it good for kids. It loves playing and following its owners around. This cat also likes “helping” just to have a part in the fun.

Maine Coon

These cats may be gentle and energetic but they could weigh as much as 20 pounds. No matter how old they get, though, they are very playful and friendly to everyone.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish rex is great at learning tricks and playing fetch. It also enjoys getting a lot of attention and being treated well.

European Burmese

These cats are fearless and very friendly no matter how old they get. They don’t need much maintenance and they love following kids and dogs anywhere they go. People say that if you get this breed, you will never want to switch to another one.


The Manx is also a good pick for kids. It may be active, however, not so much. It is very playful and loyal and it also enjoys running around. Click here for more kid-friendly cats.


These cats look like Persians and Siamese at the same time. They are naturally playful, energetic and sweet. With the blue eyes and round faces they have, they are frequently picked by families.

Scottish Fold

These cats are active and very playful. They don’t like being on their own so you can’t just leave them alone at home. Even if it’s another cat they don’t mind as long as they get attention.

Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk rex is loving and tolerant. Although it doesn’t actually like staying on people’s laps, it really enjoys being around people as well as animals.

Exotic shorthair

The exotic shorthair is easygoing and calm. It will run to welcome your child home after school. This cat can help everyone unwind after a long and tiring day.

Best Hairless Cats

While you may love cats, you can’t help but be allergic to their fur. So for those of you who are like this, here are some of the best hairless cats to pick…


This is the most popular hairless cat and originated from Canada a long time ago. The sphynx may have a little hair on the legs, face, or tail. It is also very energetic and likes showing off.


This cat is playful and friendly. It is basically just a larger version of another cat breed called the dwelf. Its soft skin has the feel just like that of a peach. Some of them have just a little hair on their paws ears, tails, or nose.


This cat is small, playful and affectionate. While some of them may have just a little hair or fur, others are completely hairless.


The dwelf has an appearance like that of an elf. Because of their small size, some of them tend to have skeletal issues or other health problems. But despite that, they enjoy playing and engaging with their family.


This cat has the same structure as a sphynx. Because it is hairless, its skin needs to be taken care of just as a human’s skin. Since it is sensitive to temperature, it will need sun cream to prevent sunburn and a coat in the winter. People recommend that this cat should stay indoors and not go into the sun at all.


The minskin is a small sweet-tempered cat who loves being around children. They are very playful and easily groomed. They also thrive with other animals.

Peter Bald

Some of these cats are born without hair while others have a little coat which can last throughout their life. They are active, playful and affectionate cats that get along with children. For more information on hairless cats, you can check here:


These are some family-friendly cats you can choose from. We hope that this was able to help you in your search. It all depends on what you are looking for, though. While some of them may be expensive, there are actually affordable ones you could get to complete your home