Live Slots online vs Live Table Games

By February 10, 2021 Blogs, Gambling

Slots and table games are the most popular forms of games in the casino industry. Hence, it is quite rare not to find a slot machine or table game at a casino when you visit one. Be it an online or offline casino, slots and table games are usually the main offers – take a look at

However, due to the simple nature and gameplay of slots, there are many more types of it available to play. On many online casinos, you could find thousands of slots available but usually a few hundreds of table games.

Before we go further to compare these two forms of games, let’s understand how each works.

How Online Slots work

Just like their land-based counterparts, online slots are easy. The games come with reels, rows, and paylines. All you need to do is make bets on the paylines and click the “Play” or “Spin” button.

After clicking on “Play”, there’s nothing left to do on the game. You just sit and watch how the game plays out for itself. There are no actions you can take to affect the gameplay or determine your result.

You’ll find different types of slots online like the 3D video slots, Classics, Megaways, ClusterPays, Jackpots, and many more. These games come in video formats and are powered by RNG technology.

How Live Table Games Work

Table games are also very simple but there are rules, depending on the exact type of game. The types of table games include card games, wheel games, dice, etc.

There are also different types of card games. The popular ones are Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat. Unlike slots where you just have to bet and click on ‘Spin’, table games usually require making more decisions.

Live table games are usually streamed from a real-life casino environment or studio where you’ll find a human dealer managing the game. This takes it beyond the usual table games format where the game is controlled by the computer.

However, both live and video table games of the same type do follow the same rule. For example, a video American Roulette game will follow the same gameplay as the live version.

Comparison between Online Slots and Live Table Games

Here are brief points to show you how both formats of games are different.

  1. Slots are controlled by RNG – Every aspect of the gameplay in slots are controlled by RNG(random number generator). RNG also plays a part in video table games but the player’s decisions also affect. But in Live Table Games, everything is controlled by the real-life human dealer.
  2. No Skill is required in Slots – You play slots by simply placing bets and clicking “play”. You don’t need to have any special skills to play. However, in table games, especially cards, some skills may be needed to help you win.

3. Slots are played by only one person – Here’s another huge difference between both. All types of slots require only one single-player and no dealer. Live table games on the other hand usually involve dealers and multiple players.