Payment Methods to Never Use at Casino Slots Sites

By September 23, 2021 Bingo, Blogs

The Internet has given businesses of the world an entirely new face. Those embracing internet completely have witnessed their growth touching new heights. Such success stories can be found in abundance with top online slots UK from online casinos, too. You can now expect an online casino to deliver the same entertainment and fun as you would normally enjoy at a land-based casino.

Going online comes with a fair share of responsibility for casinos, one of which is keeping things transparent for the players. This is where payment methods and other online transactions are considered. Security of all online transactions is a major concern for the players, making them scrutinise every payment method a casino has to offer. Here, we will find out how these online payment procedures work for online casinos and how we can avoid falling prey to scams.

Online Payment Methods that Raise Red Flags

Online casinos have evolved largely, offering a number of payment methods for players’ convenience. These methods can be based on anything, from cash to crypto. Normally, all means of payment are accepted by online casinos, but if we consider the UK alone, credit cards make the sole method that needs to be avoided at all costs for a trouble-free gaming session.

The reason behind the credit card ban in UK casinos is the misuse of the freedom that comes with credit cards. These little pieces of plastic give a great deal of financial freedom, but the same freedom can lead to bankruptcy if taken to its extremes. Over the years, players have been using credit cards for betting to the limit that they are drowned in debt once they finish playing slots or any other casino game. What’s worse is that majority of the players can’t pay back this debt and declared bankrupt entirely.

Keeping these events in mind, the UK government condemns the use of credit cards for any transaction in online casinos and, hence, bans it for good.

Is Your Chosen Online Casino A Secure Place to Start?

Determining the security status of an online casino is a crucial step in this process. This is where a player’s diligence comes in handy. If you do your homework regarding the security measures taken by a certain casino, you will be able to figure out if a casino is legit or not. Since there is so much money going in and out of online casinos every day, they are required to secure their websites for these transactions in every way possible. A few standard security protocols you need to look out for are as follows:

  •         Certifications depicting site security status
  •         Firewalls
  •         Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  •         Audits Trials

Always ask a casino’s authorities regarding these measures while doing your research. If they are legit, they will guide you through all measures they have taken to secure their sites.


If you are planning to put your money on the line with slots or any other online casino game, remember to conduct matters by the book. Only use payment methods permissible by the government and play with online casinos that promise security all the way through.