Placebo’s Stefan Olsdal on his Favourite Records of 2019

By December 19, 2019 Blogs, News

Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal ‘The New Thing’ and ‘High In The Sky’

These are the two first tracks from our next album Complex due out in March 2020.  The former featuring the sound artist Caroline Devine, and the latter an unapologetic church organ.  The album will be our second, after Inside that came out in 2017.  

Husky Loops – ‘I Can’t Even Speak English’

The best band in London. These guys are rock, hip hop, pop, and put on a mean show.  I’ve been completely re-energized by what these guys are doing.  Hats off to Danni, Tom and Pietro.

Hammock – ‘Silencia’

My go to morning record. They ease me into the day, keeping my morning anxiety at bay. It’s atmospheric and wordless, and a good break from the information overload that happens over the rest of the day.  

Holly Herndon – ‘Proto’

I saw her do this live at the Barbican in London, and it was transformed into an amazing electronic/vocal experience. She was joined by the London Sacred Harp choir, and morphed the album tracks into something otherwordly and dreamlike. She’s pushing electronica forward in a very inspired way.

Sunn O))) – ‘Pyroclasts’

This has taken over from Slayer as my meditation music. SunnO))) have these amazing distorted drones are hard and aggressive yet hard and hypnotic.