Poem: Andrew Gooch – ‘Enigmas For The Millennial Generation’

By Andrew Gooch
By June 14, 2019 Blogs, Spoken Word

Howdy spoken word fans, after an extended break, we’re proud to begin our latest round of Spoken Word poetry talent, starting with a piece by yours truly. This one is called, ‘Enigmas For The Millennial Generation’

Did we need to have been born this century to understand life in the second millennium?

For instance, when did the Union Jack turn into a warning, signalling the presence of the right wing?

Why does loving one’s country, all of a sudden, involve the word, “I’m not racist but…”?

Is sexuality becoming a meaningless term, now that those who were once simply “confused”, have the necessary hormones readily available inside a needle?

Were the troublemakers, all now revered pioneers, who skipped classes and shunned the teacher’s education, ahead of the curriculum they didn’t need?

Are babies being born smarter because the other day, I saw a two-year old working YouTube all by himself?

Do the knuckles of young lads have to be scabbed and sore before the age of fourteen?

Must all girls live teenage life and onwards, looking through the blinds of fake lashes?

Does the criteria for landing an interview at Lidl have to be so high?

Should reliance on benefits and hostel living be considered the only realistic goals for today’s young person?

Will the message boards and comments online forever dictate the same three parroted opinions?

Can I have a place in the millennial world if my hearts belongs in the nineties?

If you’re an aspiring or seasoned poet of any age race/gender/sexuality we’d love to hear from you and share your work with our audience.

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