Poem: Olivia Vergette – ‘Writer’s Block’

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Another day, another poet with an amazing piece of work to share with us, here at Soundsphere. Today’s contributor is award winning Scunthorpe-based poet, Olivia Vergette, with a poem entitled; ‘Writer’s Block’.[like_to_read][/like_to_read]



I can’t write when I’m happy
So when you took your hands in mine
When I was drunkenly telling you
Of exes with their fists
And fathers with their kids
I knew that I was done for.
When we danced on the promenade and you held my shoulders
Pay-check gone
Because darling
Sadness is the only thing I know.
The foundations of my art
And you are anything but
With excitable charm and
Childlike behaviours and
Let’s go up there so we can see the view.
I knew
That no stanza would bless me at 4pm
Whilst trying to nap
Not an artistic spark found
Which is why this poem’s
Sort of
Kind of



Olivia Vergette is a student attending college in Scunthorpe. She has previously won awards for her poetry and her work was featured earlier this year in ‘Alpha female Zine’. Her biggest inspirations are, Andrea Gibson, Rudy Fransisco and Carol Anne Duffy.


There we are then, another talented Northern talent with a poem that, I’m sure we can all agree, was far from ‘really sort of crap’.

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We’ll be back next week with more delightful prose and poetry. Who knows who’ll be next poet to be featured, all we can say for certain is, you’re guaranteed to be inspired!

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