Something Alternative: Staying healthy on tour

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Being on tour can be very exciting, but it also brings certain problems for the body too. Constantly having adrenalin rushes will take its toll of the adrenals for instance, which in the long term will cause energy levels to drop.


Altered sleep patterns, too little sleep and poor quality sleep (the type that our Jay had at Download Festival this year – see above) will also affect energy levels. In addition it will affect the body’s ability to repair and renew cells – the result over time will be accelerated ageing of cells. Good nutrition and a good night’s sleep is the body’s way to recharge and regenerate ready for another day’s physical and mental exertion.

I guess by this point in my article, being young and not much concerned with the future, you are yawning in boredom! But trust me, when you get into your 40s and 50s and you have bloated bellies, no energy, no sex life, wrinkly faces, poor muscle strength and wonder where your brain went. Not to mention the increased risk of heart disease, Type II Diabetes, stroke, lung, kidney and liver disease, and worst of all cancer, you will wish you paid more attention.

The thing is, there is a really simple answer – Antioxidants. They combat free-radical damage and therefore slow down the signs of ageing and cellular degeneration. All you need to do is start eating ten or more raw, organic fresh fruits and vegetables consistently every day. What’s that you say? Oh, I can’t repeat that one! Not in print anyway.

Fear not intrepid band members and roadies. There is (thank goodness for even us mere mortals) a great way to improve our nutrition, no matter where we are or what we are doing. Juice Plus capsules are made from 26 organic fruits, vegetables and berries and taken regularly each day will increase your energy, give you better sleep, improve circulation to all areas (get my drift?), improve your immune system, improve skin and hair, but more importantly (for the future ageing you) will reduce your risk of most degenerative diseases.

If you also team the capsules with the complete protein shakes (which have no whey in at all and are therefore much safer) you can increase athletic performance, better muscle tone and have a really healthy balanced meal in a tasty drink.

My son was in a band as a teenager and one of the members became really ill due to poor nutrition, physically exhausting programme and lack of sleep. Sadly he passed away last month. I was so glad that I put Rob on the nutritional capsules and shakes. He is a very healthy young man now, but sadly his musical career ended many years ago!! Couldn’t you have joined The Arctic Monkeys, Rob?

For more information about my Nutritional Programme, contact me on : [email protected]

Let’s have some Arctic Monkeys to finish shall we?

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