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The most important thing when getting a tattoo is finding the right place.

Dana Isaly

I can’t even tell you how many horror stories I’ve seen and heard about bad tattoos. You can search on the internet for bad tattoos and get over forty-nine million results. As well as poor quality tattoos, there are so many people who get infections from needles that have not been properly sterilised.

There was a woman who got a tattoo abroad and it became infected within a few hours and she was almost instantly struggling to walk. Once she arrived home she was taken to the hospital and they were very close to having to amputate her foot. The full story can be found by clicking the link below. The story has a graphic picture of the woman’s foot before the treatment. You’ve been warned.

That’s not to say all tattoo parlors abroad are going to give you an infection. But it does give you a harsh example of why you need to be careful when selecting a place to get your tattoo. Research is your best friend. There are many tattoo artists that choose to work out of their homes. Nowadays, you can easily find a reputable tattoo studio that is legitimate and has gone through the proper apprenticeships, and knows how to keep everything sterilized for the health of you and your tattoo. But you need to be wary of artists working from home who have not gone through training as they may not properly sterilise their needles.

How to tell if your tattoo is infected?

The best way to avoid getting yourself in this situation is to find some people the tattoo artist has already worked on. This will give you an idea on the quality of their work. It can also give you a chance to talk to someone about their opinions on how professional the artist is. Communication with the tattoo artist is also really important. If you’re wary on getting a tattoo from an artist who works from home, just tell them. They’d be happy to have a face-to-face conversation with you and show you around their at-home studio.

The same goes for tattoo artists that work in a shop with other tattooists. Most tattooists will have pictures up online of past work they have done. This will give you an idea of the quality of work they are doing. As well, tattoo shops will normally require you to go to the shop in person to book your tattoo and put down a deposit. This gives you a chance to talk to the tattooist about what it is you want and you can see the standards of the shop. If you have any questions, ask them!

I know that the urge to get a tattoo can make you feel like you need to go get one then and there. It is definitely worth researching first. No one wants to go in to a shop and pay a lot for a tattoo and have it turn out like artwork a child could have done. Most times, tattoo artists won’t want to touch anyone else’s work. So it could be difficult to find someone that will re-do your poorly done tattoo. If you do, sometimes the tattooist will be able to work wonders and correct your tattoo. But sometimes they just can’t be fixed.

Remember, a tattoo is for life. Be careful when you’re finding someone to put ink into your skin. It’s not a decision that should be made on a whim!

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