Soundsphere Lesson 17 – Groups Of 7

Here we are going to explore a simple sequence using odd note groupings, in this example we will be using groups of seven in position one of the pentatonic scale in E minor all be using strict alternate picking. We will be applying groups of seven to every half a bar (so 7 notes should fill 2 full beats).

We being at the fifteenth fret of the high E string on the G and pick down through the F# and E at the fourteenth and twelfth frets, then pick back up to the F# and G, then back down again  to the E via the F#.

This seven note pattern can then be applied to the rest of the scale over different strings, so for the B string the notes used would be D, C and B at the fifteenth, thirteen and twelfth frets. Then the G string would be A, G and F# at the fourteenth, twelfth and eleventh frets. And finally the D string would be E, D and C at the fourteenth, twelfth and tenth frets finishing with a grace note slide from the D to the E at the twelfth and fourteenth frets of the D string and adding vibrato.

Groups of seven notes are also really handy when descending on one string, and groups of 5 are also a great way to break away from more obvious sounding runs. Again this is a technique that should be practised slowly at first with a metronome ensuring that the note groupings are evenly spaced over the beats.