Talking about the music scene in LA – Why is it so appealing to music lovers?

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Often referred to as the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles captivates the thoughts of many music lovers and film critics across the world. Home to Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood and Beverly Hills, there is so much to live about living near or in LA. However, there is a burning question from many of our readers regarding what the LA music scene is like. The article below tries to answer in the best way possible.

Making Sure You See The Best of The LA Music Scene

When visiting L.A. with a pre-planned itinerary, the chances are that it is likely to be filled with trips to the beach and other local landmarks. However, you should also pencil in time to take in the culture of Los Angeles. Southern California also provides a great night out with the LA music scene providing something different for tourists and locals alike.

Interesting, the underground scene in LA is something completely different to what you would expect if you’ve never been to the area. It is especially fascinating as you just never know who will be there. The entertainment industry sees people working weird hours. Producers, actors and musicians don’t tend to have 9-5 jobs, meaning the evenings are always thriving. Venues are open throughout the night to cater for all, it really is something you have to experience for yourself.

Are there many musical influences?

The short answer is yes. The city has such an eclectic music scene, it caters to all. As PIRATE mentions in this article, there are a range of niches across the LA music scene which appeal to everyone. It’s not all about pop music either which some people think. The area has always been known to have a diverse music scene. Legendary careers have really taken off in Southern California as well. Most recently you will think of Katy Perry but before her there came ABBA and of course The Beatles when they were trying (and succeeding to crack America). It doesn’t stop there though, plenty of aspiring DJs also ply their trade in the area, alongside country singers and hip hop artists.

What is the rock scene in LA like?

Picking out one of the targeted genres, Rock and Roll had to be discussed. If Rock Music is your music of choice, then you can definitely get your fix of live rock music in Los Angeles. With venues opening up again, there is plenty of opportunity to hear your local rock bands and really crank up the atmosphere. The area used to be a hub for Rock and Roll and there are still venues where the biggest names are on stage. Up-and-coming rock and rollers and bands have often found it one of the better areas to try and get noticed and will often try to get stage time in LA. This could be due to the local music producer heading to a venue to wind down after a stressful week. The music scene in LA, and all over the world, never sleeps so if you are either looking to get into music or just listen to live rock music, you’ll be able to find a live recording somewhere in California.

Is there much room for Hip Hop in LA?

As has been mentioned before, the LA music scene is incredibly diverse and there is room for everyone. An experienced stager looking to come back and record a new album might head to LA to reignite their career. It’s a great place for networking and the underground scene is also something to behold. This is where you might be able to find the next big thing in Hip Hop. Making beats can be someone’s passion but the artist has to be in the right area to get heard. In fact, this article talks about how the hip hop scene really developed and took off in LA.

What venues should I visit? actually put together a list of the 5 best music venues in Los Angeles. Each venue can cater to everyone. So, if Rock and Roll is what you are looking for, then you’ll be able to find a gig. Hip Hop also has a place in the area’s music scene. Of course, most venues will always provide a suitable gig for Pop music if you fancy letting your hair down.

Perhaps the most notorious one to pick out would be The Roxy Theatre which used to be home to many famous acts. There are just so many to pick out though and visit. So, for any music lovers in LA, make sure you stick around long enough to immerse yourself in the culture. Whilst taking in the heat and the beaches, leave yourself a bit of down time to go and see some live music and see how the new generation of musical artists are taking the industry by storm in LA.


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