The Hottest Psychology Careers in 2022 for Entry-Level Psychologists

By March 4, 2022 Blogs, Health

Psychology careers are more in demand than ever before in 2022. More people are learning about the benefits of therapy and counseling, and more people are reaching out to psychologists for a diagnosis. Conversations between groups and organizations are being had about mental health awareness.

For those looking to take advantage of the rise in the mental health care industry and help others in your community, a psychology career is a way to go. However, for those who only have a bachelor’s degree and haven’t taken up a graduate or doctorate yet, you may be wondering what is available.

Here are the top 3 hottest psychology careers in 2022 for entry-level psychologists.

1. Case Manager

You may be able to get a job as a case manager right out of school if you’ve had some experience in a psychology career or shadowing opportunity before.

Case managers are psychologists that work directly with children, adolescents, or adults to facilitate access to services, housing, basic needs, and mental health support. You will be the “middleman” between your client and the other services they utilize.

Case managers often help with:

  • Finding housing
  • Finding a therapist
  • Crisis resources
  • Self-care behaviors
  • Finding resources for food, financial assistance, and more
  • Helping apply to jobs
  • Checking up on clients

You will help manage the client’s overall mental health team case and the resources they use to get help. You won’t have the ability to diagnose or offer therapy. However, you can provide therapeutic advice and help your client get further support from a therapist through your job.

2. Writer

Many psychology majors have more extensive experience in writing. Writing is required on a research-level to graduate, and it’s also essential in almost every psychology career. Learning to write research-based papers and creating your own studies is something you may find vital for your future career in psychology.

Many writing jobs are available in 2022, and with the rise in online marketing, more companies are looking for writers. Here are some of the top writing jobs available:

  • Freelance writing
  • Guest writing for blogs
  • Ghostwriting
  • Academic writing

As a writer, you can often work from home and set your own schedule. It’s a highly flexible position, and you’ll have the opportunity to make as much as you want, with experience.

Finding a job where you can write on psychology topics is an excellent idea if you have a psychology degree. It’ll help you in the future when applying for more prominent job positions or starting a practice.

3. Group Home/Hospital Staff and Caregiving

One of the most common entry-level jobs for psychology majors is caregiving in a psychological setting. You may find yourself working at:

  • A hospital
  • A group home for adolescents or adults
  • A long-term addiction rehab center
  • A long-term mental health support treatment center
  • An eating disorder center
  • A mental health hospital
  • A psychiatric unit in a hospital

The work you can do for these locations ranges from simply observing clients to leading groups, making dinners, cleaning up, and more. Depending on where you work, you’ll be required to have an understanding of mental health.

In many areas, you can even take some of these jobs without a degree or while still attending school. It’s an excellent way to get your foot in the door for future higher-experience jobs.

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