The Most Popular Activities of 2013

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2013 has been nothing less than an action-packed year; not only did scientists at CERN confirm the existence of the Higgs Boson, but there’s been an revolution in the way of online
entertainment! Bingo is one of the world’s oldest games, but in 2013 millions of people signed up to online casinos, playing from the comfort of their own home and winning money
in the process.


Bingo’s digital evolution has also seen a rise in popularity with the younger generation, and although bingo halls have moved on from the pensioners’ communities they used to be, it’s the ease of use the internet provides which has allowed so many new people to experience the game for the first time.

Bingo – What’s All The Fuss About?

The continued popularity of bingo isn’t as confusing as it seems; it’s entertaining, you get to meet new people and there’s plenty of chances to win money! It’s also the perfect family activity if you’re looking to try something new, and there’s usually bars at bingo halls, so you can sip on your favourite beverage while ticking off your numbers too!

Furthermore, with nearly all of the country feeling the effects of the financial squeeze, bingo is a cheap and cheerful alternative to a night out on the town. It’s inexpensive to enter, and
on a busy night the prize money can be in the thousands!

Social Benefits of Bingo

Whether it’s online at Bingo Cams or playing in your local events hall, bingo is great for bringing people together, and that’s why it’s one of the most popular activities of 2013. For
people who find it hard to leave the house, or who are uncomfortable in social circles, online bingo connects them with players all over the world, who they can even talk to through the
site’s chat rooms and forums. Especially if you win a game or two, online bingo also installs confidence in players, giving them that extra push to experience a real game first hand. Offline, bingo halls in many instances are the social hub of the community, with friends and families meeting there to catch up, have a drink and ultimately have fun. It’s also the perfect place for birthdays and other events, and great entertainment for the younger generation too!

Mental and Psychological Benefits

Backed up by scientific research, there are numerous mental and psychological benefits to playing bingo. Not only does playing regular bingo sharpen and refresh reaction times, but it
also keeps the mind fluid and effective. The game combines a number of senses, and players have to visually and physically adapt with swift hand-eye coordination. It was previous thought that these reactions simply deteriorated with age, but according to research, it’s the irregular use of these senses that causes them to fail. In fact, doctors have been known to prescribe bingo to improve the hand-eye coordination and mental abilities of patients. Results in accuracy tests have shown that young players are quicker when it comes to scanning their bingo cards for numbers, but when it comes to reaction time and accuracy, the frequent bingo players come out on top!

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